Alec Baldwin Now playing Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin Is A True Thespian: Playing Donald And Bill on SNL

Are you not entertained? Alec Baldwin is a true thespian, who does comedy ‘from time to time’. Leave it to Saturday Night Live to capitalize on the ‘timing’ of all the news coming out. With more than enough mess going on already, in the life of our newly elected President, why did he get involved? Why, did he ‘have’ to speak his support for Bill O’Reilly, who recently has been accused of sexual misconduct at work?  Here it is, if you missed it, Alec Baldwin in pure Thespian form, playing both of these ‘jokers’ on SNL.

“Wait, is that a Joke? Lots of people keep telling me to keep up the good job, and I find out later that it was a joke.” – Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump,

I see a lot of myself in you, Bill.

So yea, Trump really continues to show how he feels about women. This is the same country that is outraged at all of the accusations made on Bill Cosby. Meanwhile, this guy has settled and there is actual evidence that he’s used his position to take advantage of others. He’s getting a new raise, and even got a full endorsement from the ‘chief’ of the nation.

Unfortunately there is no ‘video’ of this endorsement, but this is being reported by Maggie Haberman, who works for the New York Times. She says this, while talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and the remarks have not been challenged by the President, or anyone from his office. I guess they have more than enough to deal with already, than to worry about deflecting this story. This is, the same guy who got elected after his remarks of grabbing women by the pussy were released. Who cares if Trump supports sexual harassment in the work place too right?

That is some Real manly shit though, like, in a misogynistic type of way. Real Men don’t settle these kinds of lawsuits. They grab women by the pussy, force their lips onto women, and get away with it because they are rich! That is the mindset, projected and apparently, respected by his supporters.

It’s some borderline, ISIS/Sharia Law type shit, which the republicans are so adamantly against. These first 60+ days of this ‘new presidency’ have been filled with All-male photo opps. There have been executive orders signed that regard women’s bodies, with all men in the room. The newly selected Supreme Court Justice, most likely is going to throw a wrench in the abortion conversation.  Clearly they don’t care if ‘the other side’ accuses them of being the party of ‘wanting to tell women what to do’.

Unfortunately, Bill Cosby is being dragged into all of this mess. Even Tom Lemon repeats the ‘nonsensical’ talking point by Lisa Bloom, “Is Fox News the Bill Cosby of Corporate America”.

The conversation is worth paying attention to. White men get way with all sorts of crimes that black men tend to be punished for, even if those black men are innocent. We’ll never truly know what Bill Cosby did with the women who have run his name into the mud. Lisa Bloom, and her mother were hired to ‘represent’ several women who filed claims against Bill Cosby. so I ‘get’ why she’d make that comparison. However, in all fairness, D.L. Hughley helps us ALL fully understand this one.

Bill O’Reilly gets a new contract ‘in spite’ of Sexual Harassment Case – Fox News fully aware

Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump was starting to get stale.

So this scandal, coupled with the support of the President is right on time.  In so many ways, he needed this. All actors, and entertainers take full advantage of political messes. Especially if they’re any good at what they do. Dave Chappelle was smart to lay low for the last few years while Obama was in office. Most of the ‘political comedy’ has been stale, because Obama’s administration wasn’t a joke. This one, has been non stop comedic gold mining, with no sudden end in sight.

More from D.L. Hughley: ‘Note from the G.E.D. Section’

These jokes almost write themselves.  Actors and entertainers like Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, and others just have to be in the right position. Timing is everything in comedy afterall!