Russia Hearing Suddenly Cancelled

The Russia hearing suddenly was cancelled making things look even more suspicious!

David Packman on this bizarre story that won’t go away.

More from this bizarre investigation. David Packman thinks he knows why this hearing was abruptly halted. He thinks it was to stop Sally Yates from testifying. It’s possible.  The first few months of the Trump presidency has taught us that absolutely, anything is possible. Each day we are waking up to news stories we’ve only thought happened in movies. Here’s David Packman on why he feels the current administration did not want Sally Yates to share any insight she may have.

There has been way too much going on.

From black women at work being utterly disrespected to this Russia hearing being cancelled. If nothing is going on, they aren’t convincing.

Devin Nunes was already under pressure to recuse himself. There were already doubts that he could conduct the investigation. Now this happens.

When April Ryan brings up Russia, she is jumped on for asking. She gets made fun of for asking and now this.

It’s as if they want it to go away but connections keep popping up. There’s Flynn, and Manifold and tax returns we can’t see.

Nothing to see here?

The cancellation of this Russia hearing is enough to make more people look. All of this, is bizarre.

Then again this level of misdirection is not without precedent. It’s ironically, a Russian tactic.

Updated March 30th, 2017 – with more bizarre and related news

I first learned about it while watching the documentary, Hypernormalisation by Alan Curtis. The tactic is called Maskirovka, and it includes disinformation.  The New York Times also wrote about this military tactic. You can read more about How Russia Weaponized Information here. Below is an exceprt from that article.

Mr. Putin has flaunted a modernized and more muscular military. But he lacks the economic strength and overall might to openly confront NATO, the European Union or the United States. Instead, he has invested heavily in a program of “weaponized” information, using a variety of means to sow doubt and division. The goal is to weaken cohesion among member states, stir discord in their domestic politics and blunt opposition to Russia. – From on Russian Disinformation Campaigns

Take a quick look at this clip from HyperNormalisation on  ‘political technologists’ that have kept Putin in power.

Keep in mind that all I just referenced happened long before any Russia Hearing had been set up!  Does any of what you’ve seen in this clip remind you of what’s happening now?

Yet, there is nothing to see here right?

Sean Spicer attacks April Ryan for asking about it and says she just has an agenda. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t understand what Maxine Waters is talking about because of her hair. Then today, a day after the Russia Hearing was suddenly cancelled, this comes out. Devin Nunes has been lying to us about the wire tapping ‘claims’ as well.

Since we know disinformation (alternative facts) are being used on us, then now is the time for people to stop arguing with one another.  We have to be less concerned with political parties, it’s time to look for truth. We must find ways to build a better union. Unfortunately, racism keeps getting in our way. Seemingly that the disdain for black people, is the main reason this administration continues to get support from so many whites. That support has put a dangerous group of people in power, and we’re all in the same boat.

If the boat goes down we all drown.

Russia Hearing confierms America Is a Sinking Boat

*Update: Making matters worse for himself, today (May 9th) – Trump Fires James Comey, while Russian Investigation is Underway. He continues to make us all question what is really going on? Rather than put these questions to bed, he simply makes us ask more.  Again, we should be concerned with the condition of our boat!