The Tom or Sambo debate is a distraction that we need to leave in 2023

SoPoCo on Facebook: Tom or Sambo?

Tom or Sambo? Also before we get started, Yes, in case you were not aware you can follow SoPoCo on Facebook. Got into a few ‘arguments’ just recently, and it was pointed out to me that our facebook does not have enough likes, followers, or whatever Meta calls it these days. If you notice we don’t even link to our facebook anywhere on our website and that may be a big reason why.

Facebook isn’t as popular of a platform as it used to be. However I do respect all of the forward thinking moves being made by Mark Z. He continues to look at where things are heading, and so far, they’re doing well in my opinion on their Virtual Reality efforts.

All of that said, Yes, you can follow us over on Facebook – where admittedly the posts aren’t always as ‘frequent’.

Similar to what happens here right?

I laugh. Here is a post recently, concerning a topic we’ve gone into extensively here. That topic, is sellout Toms … or is it Sambo? A really big problem in the black American struggle, that are both homegrown and new to the soil. Black people who are more than willing to align with white supremacy, so long as they get a seat at the white man’s table. Even if the food they get, are ‘scraps’, like racoons rummaging through the garbage at night.

Stated once again, we have no issue addressing the topic straight out. It’s literally chess out here, and Toms are Pawns. They’re used to infiltrate and break down defenses. Movements they make create divisions in your united fronts. Due to their aggression, you end up having to ‘play the same game’ just to stay alive. Chess, not checkers in a real way.

So is it Tom or Sambo? Our Post on Facebook is inviting you to discuss.

However you may get away with saying more in our comments, below.

Shout outs to Comedy Hype, a quality black media outlet.

Unlike outlets like, The Shade Room, Spirit World, and others like it, Comedy Hype is mostly positive. Other black journalists like author & film producer Tariq Nasheed would point out the black ‘social media outlets’ pushing ratchet stories daily are run by ‘tethers’.  There’s been some serious debate about this as well in the last couple of years. Tariq’s argument however, seems to hold up when you really listen to what he’s saying.

Not all black immigrants are Tethers

That’s the first part, and it’s important to understand that before moving past it. When you do it’s easy to become emotional and not listen rationally. Tethers are a lot like American born, Coons. Same conditions that created Coons here in America, among our FBA brothers and sisters (to use another term from Mr. Nasheed) created tethers.  These are the ‘sellout immigrants’ and again, that is a distinction we all must understand.

Cause when the debates are raging, I feel like that part is missing. Plenty of room exists for unity within the diaspora. That unity can only be, however, with others who think the same way when it comes to white supremacy. Those who worship white people cannot be the mouthpieces for our people in America. Yet, that is what we are finding, when looking into it.

Most black people we see, speaking out against Reparations, happen to be immigrants.

Reasoning for this is also explained by Tariq. America isn’t letting the ‘actually woke’ black people into this nation who don’t worship whiteness. It’s a requirement for admittance. Immigrants from all over the world can find their way into this country. It’s the black immigrants that are the most scrutinized. Only ‘certain types’ will be allowed in, for work, education, or whatever. Most of them ‘tether themselves’ to Black American culture, but are quick to align with whites against us. Tethers is the same as a Tom, a Sambo or coons.