Coon Toms Sellout for More White Benefits; Emmanuel Acho - exhibit A

Coon Chronicles with Emmanuel Acho: Sellout Tools For Hire

I honestly do not know what to say, but we’ve discussed this before on these pages.  Who is this Coon, Emmanuel Acho? Wait, let me stop you before you try to shift this discussion away to what names I should or should not call, this tap dancing Coon here. That’s what he is. Do not be confused, or allow your emotions of how you ‘feel’ about calling other black people names, to distract you.  I won’t let you distract me, cause, the following Video I’m about to share, is irrefutable proof of this claim I have made.

This, is what a Coon looks and sounds like.


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Coons are black people, who are focused on pleasing their white masters. They are, Uncle Toms (not Sambos) – cause the term Uncle Tom, is NOT based on the ‘book’ by The white lady.  Most black people were not allowed to read, when Uncle Tom’s cabin came out.  But, coons are real busy as of late, trying to cause distractions in these conversations.

When I call a sellout negro a Tom, a COON jumps up to say, “it’s sambo, not Tom!!” …

This is a very similar tactic whites use, when racism is being discussed.  A white person will overhear a discussion about racism in white America, and ‘center themselves’ by stating: “I” am not racist!

They do this, so we can stop talking about all of the white people, who are racist.  You’ll notice white people do this with the police, as well.  “Let’s not discuss all the bad cops who murder unarmed citizens. Instead, let’s make the topic, how ‘not all cops are bad.'”

Let’s discuss, the coon in our sights right now, Emmanuel Acho. He is a sports commentator and takes every chance he gets, to defend systems of white supremacy. Don’t argue with me, watch the video above, and see it for yourself. Notice what he says:

read more about the Winter Olympics decision to allow the white girl, who failed a drug test, to compete. Even though, literally just a few months ago, they ruled against a black girl who ‘also’ failed a drug test.

Racism, is about Hypocrisy.
One set of rules for white people, another set, for everyone else.

This useless negro really got on national TV, and denied that racism was the reason Sha’Carri Richardson was disqualified from competition. Then, got back on TV, to say he went to an all white school. He’s Nigerian, and does not identify with the ‘pain and suffering’ that Black American descendants of slaves feel. A very common narrative, emerging, as black Americans, press this nation for Reparations. The main ‘black’ people we see objecting to this, speaking out against it, happen to be, Immigrant blacks.

Why would they take that position, against reparations for black people?

  1. They’re not entitled to those benefits, that are being fought for. (cause it’s not just about discrimination; it’s inheritance)
  2. By taking this position, they become ‘useful tools’ to the system of white supremacy. (hoping for rewards)
Coons, are willing participants in the ongoing oppression of black lives.

I’m not going to take time in ‘this’ discussion to get too deep off into it, but, Immigrant black people have already received reparations.  Many of them, but not all, have already ‘won’ just by getting here to America. In this nation, they live far better off than they would have, in the countries they’ve immigrated from.

That being said, the only reason they’ve been able to immigrate to America, is because of the sacrifices and struggles of blacks in America, who descend from slaves. We are talking about the ungratefulness of those who come here, ‘because of us’ and then speak out against us. While it is certainly not ALL immigrants, to be clear, there is a serious contingent.

Black people we see on television, talking heads in the media, who we often see playing the “Tom Role” … tend to be of Immigrant origin, we are finding. Again, ‘not all Immigrants’ are part of this, seemingly coordinated attack….  We are speaking, specifically about those who are anti-AfricanAmerican, refer to us ‘a katas’, espouse themselves to be, better than we are. Coons, are often seen repeating the racist talking points of white people, in our direction.

Many of these will point to the success they are experiencing, and say, “if I could do this, anyone black can too”.  All while dishonestly leaving out, the help and assistance they received. White “supremacy” pits blacks against one another, benefitting ‘some’ to the detriment of others….  If any of them were ‘actually’ pro-black, they’d understand.

This is why I warn people about Talib Kweli, another sellout Coon, that is very entrenched in black culture. As a rapper, he has gained the respect of several black people, and that means his influence has reach. An immigrant himself, he was one of the FIRST coons, to push other coons, to speak out against reparations.

Reparations isn’t ‘all’ these coon sellouts speak against.

As you saw, the Olympic case of Sha’Carri Richardson.  When many pointed out this may be a case of racism, as smoking a blunt isn’t going to make you ‘run faster’, the coons made sure to do the ‘work’ of their white massas.

Denying that black people are experiencing racism, is one of the oldest tactics of racism.  And racists, can (and often do) come in black too.  Notice how much reverence/respect Emmanuel shows towards non-black people.  His entire body language in this clip, speaks ‘broken buck’.

He goes out of his way to make sure white people are ‘comfortable’ around him, and if that means attacking other blacks to do it, so be it. We’ve discussed this before, a while back, with ‘too many sellout toms in black society’ related topics here on


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I mentioned the “Tom/Sambo” discussion in here for a reason.  All of us, who are exposing the ‘role’ these toms play, are devaluing these toms, TO their white massas. These, I’s Gone Save You’s Massa negros, want very much to continue sopping butter biscuits up with syrup directly from the original Aunt Jemima bottle.   Pointing out that these blacks are nothing more than ‘tools’ of white supremacy, is interrupting their game.  So, recently they’re pouring a lot of time, into once again, correcting black Americans.

This habbit of ‘talking down’ to blacks, chastising blacks, telling blacks we are just ‘lazy’ and not, discriminated against, is the white man speaking through a black person’s vocal chords.  It’s exactly what most of them, are already saying to black people. Coons like Acho, are their willing parrots.

Everything whites performing in blackface, ‘as’ Toms in Minstrel shows, ever wanted, manifested into reality. Apologizing for slavery, while arguing black people were ‘better off’, as servants to white society.  Blacks, who will push their agendas and ideas, to other black people – while helping whites ‘feel better’, about being Oppressors of other human beings.

Fuck these coon ass Uncle Tom motha fuckas. They are a danger to us all.

— more Tomming;  — Below, Acho coons for the NFL, going ‘against’ Brian Flores, suing them for racial discrimination in the head coaching position.

A Law Firm, is not the “Law Industry” — the NFL is the NFL ‘industry’ —