Tomming at an all time high - paris dennard & jess hilarious acting like diamond and silk

Tomming At An All Time High: Paris Dennard & Jess Hilarious

This week … or month in Tomming, brings us a familiar face. Paris Dennard, known for Tomming as often as possible, recently went to an all time high even for himself. While appearing on Don Lemon’s show …. (Don has gotten blacker by the month since Trump has been in office) … Paris took his Tomming to a new level! He decided to defend the offensive choice of Ivanka Trump to meet with a Rabbi who’s said extremely racist things.

In case you missed it; Paris Dennard Tomming at the Top of his …. lungs.

This is what this administration is all about. They’re constantly offending black people and partnering with those who offend black people. Taking it further, this is conservatism in it’s purest form. Because the same is done with almost everything non-white. From referring to people of Latin descent as animals, making America Garbage again is their goal. To them, America was great when it was garbage for anyone who isn’t white.  That’s paradise, in their eyes.

So much of what has been happening, should serve as a reminder for Non White people. I’m not ready to say that it has though.  I’ve shared challenges that happen between black and brown communities.  Others who speak about racial issues in our nation, often point these out as well.  Because, unfortunately, not enough people from the brown community understand that they are not white.  Often, they mimic habits of white society. As  to ensure no-one is confused, Hispanics are not the only ones who do this.

Tomming is (and always has been) a BIG issue within black society.  It’s almost necessary to keep white dominance alive.

Read about Blacks being used for Non-Black Agnedas, with commentary from Tariq Nasheed Here

That’s why we’re discussing Tomming today.  We have to know it when we see it. Tomming cannot continue to influence ideas in our society.

Comedian “Jess Hilarious” recently put out a video about black dollars. This isn’t her first time questioning whether black people should be supporting black businesses. I made the mistake of thinking it was the same video, only to find out later it was new! Fresh from getting hired for a tv show, after getting support from black people …. sadly, some Tomming is going on.  She says we shouldn’t ‘limit’ ourselves to those black dollars, and should focus on ‘all dollars’ instead.  We’ve heard this, too many times, from too many black people.

Tariq Nasheed gives excellent commentary …. as usual of late.

Whenever black people get ‘in’ with white society, they think they’ve made it.

This is a problem black people have, all too often. It’s why Colin Kaepernick found himself without support from NFL Players during his protests.  Black people are deftly afraid to defy white society. Too often you’ll find black people taking white people’s sides on issues, from black people focusing on group economics, to Rabbis calling us monkeys.  You see, Paris Dennard plans to keep his job. Jess Hilarious plans to keep hers too.

They will say anything they need to say, to preserve the self.

This is why black sell outs cannot be trusted. They have literally sold their souls. These are unreliable black people, for anyone keeping score.  You’ll often find black republicans are ‘these kinds’ of black people. More concerned with their own pockets, than the well being of black people. Often they seek to disconnect themselves from their own communities. When you see Diamond and Silk cooning all over facebook, this is why. 

They were paid money for their ‘act’.  Black people like these, are anything but Authentic.

Whites will look at people like that and say, ‘why can’t the rest of you blacks be like …. that one’ – The one who’s under control of white wishes. You see, not enough white people truly want blacks to be free.  Most will deny this, but the truth of the matter is clear. Their actions, speak louder than their words.  That a Paris Dennard can even find a job, with the level of utter dishonesty in his Tomming is a shame.  No white person with respect for humanity would give this man a job.  It shows, that whites prefer to surround themselves, with ‘safe non threatening blacks’.

They don’t want an Angela Rye around demanding respect for her self.   White society wants the black athlete that ignores how police treat black people, who sings the national anthem loudly. This way, they can continue to do the harm that they’ve done to us, for centuries. all while telling themselves, and one another, that black people like it.