kamala harris hates black people

Kamala Harris does not care about Black people

Kamala Harris proved with one tweet, what many black voters have been saying. We need politicians with ‘for black people only’ agendas, or no vote. Reports are already out saying that Joe Biden and Harris have lost the black vote. Sellout Toms like Roland Martin (of Hattian descent) and other handlers are shaming black people. Doing the work of heir masters to ‘try’ and keep black people in line. All so that non black people can continue to benefit?

Kamala Harris does not care about Black people. She told us so.

That is the reason she had to drop out of her own presidential campaign.  After her remarks on TheGrio went viral, and black voters heard from her own mouth, she had no plans to do anything specific for black people.  Stances like these are birthed out of the ‘high road’ ideology. In order to not be like racist white people, they’re not going to do things ‘only for black people’. Instead, they aim to do things ‘for all people’.  There is a flaw with that logic.

Lots of anti-blackness is present across several non black cultures.  Many, self identify as white.

Policies for ‘all people’ end up being policies for everyone Except black people.

Dr. Claude Anderson, Tariq Nasheed, Marcel Dixon and several others have been speaking about this issue. Reparations for black people is overdue. America continues going out of its way to help every single ‘group’ besides black people. Black Voters notice it too. Even if some did not believe it at first, they believe it now. With each month Biden and Kamala lose more support from black people.

Black people own businesses too. Many are left out of contracts, grants and assistance. Notice that not a single black person is in the photo with Kamala.

This does not surprise many of us who are aware. It ‘might’ help out black people are remain confused.  Where are the AKA’s that tuned black people out, cause that’s their Soror?  When will Jemelle Hill get on her platform and call out the VP for lack of support towards black Americans?

Maybe, finally, this image and her words to go with it – will drive the point home.

Black voters MUST consider a different candidate for 2024: perhaps, Cornell West.


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