Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson: Tomming Posterboy

Continuing to discuss ‘tomming’ being out of control, let’s get to the Tomming Posterboy, Jesse Lee Peterson. As discussed on our website before, this is an integral ‘role’ in American society. We oversimplify everything including racism. This is what makes these problems so difficult for us, as a society, to tackle and solve. Racism doesn’t just boil down to ‘all white people are racist’. That is what makes so many discussions with white people frustrating. Too often, white people lead off with, ‘not all white people are racist ….’

That is a fact. Not all white people are racist. Problem is this argument shuts down our opportunity, as a society, to attend to the white people who ARE racist. Those racist whites are able to hide in plain sight, as supposedly non whites argue against blanket statements. This is again, how we oversimplify these complex situations. Because that’s just one part of the puzzle. There are also, the Toms. These are literal sell outs, who turn their backs on black people for a paycheck. It works until white society (their white masters) are finished using them.

If you have no morals, and will sell your soul for a dollar, then you may have a lot in common with Jesse Lee Peterson.

Below is a clip with Jesse and David Pakman, where you’ll see Tomming on display. Just like white supremacists, the goal of the interview is to cut off the guest, to assert talking points.  This is how you know these people are being paid to push an agenda.  None of them are free thinkers and yet, that is a talking point too. If a black person does not think like them, they are saying it’s because black people have been brainwashed into supporting Democrats.

David Pakman answering a question on why Barack Obama allowed ‘reassignment surgery’, in our Military, was booted off the show. David seemed to have too many answers for the silly questions that Jesse was posing. Calling him out on his fiscal conservatism, and suggesting it is cheaper than discharging, Jesse Lee Peterson had enough!! His paycheck was in serious question, and so to ensure that check arrives, he closes it out, without anyone to object to his wild statements.

He’s not going to be able to keep this nonsense up for much longer. Several people are paying attention to the antics, and the agenda.

Kyle Kulinski from SecularTalkTV calls Jessee Lee Peterson a living caricature.

He says, Jesse’s sole purpose is to tell racist white guys exactly what they want to hear.  Claiming that Jim Crow was ‘just the law’, and good people obey laws.  Signs like white only isn’t racist … and more nonsensical views. The points of view these ‘black conservatives’ present always leave one wondering, are black republicans on something, or onto something? 

Are these black people so intelligent that, the rest of black society is just unable to ‘see’ the benefits of aligning with the KKK and other Alt-Right groups?

Silly black people … they think Racism is even a thing ….

According to Jesse Lee Peterson, racism is not a thing, and never has been one.

The tomming posterboy is so over the top, that it’s obvious.  You’ll hear alot of the same talking points presented by others, just like him.

Black Conservatives often are the pawns being used to help keep the black community down. These are the black people willing to take black lives. The desire to disrespect other black people is high on their list of priorities.  When they see other black people they feel threatened, and move to strike. They ensure that their dollars are not impacted by the presence of other blacks, who to them, are purely competition.  Only so many butter biscuits to go around, and like Pokemon, the Toms want them all!

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