CHris Rock is a Tom - even if we have liked him

Chris Rock Is A Tom

Let’s get something straight, black people of the world, cause that is who I’m talking to.  Chris Rock is a Tom ……………..

I’ll admit I’m a fan of his comedy, have been for years, but also cannot ignore, that He’s a Tom ….

Tom’s can be funny; Toms can write jokes that make us all laugh; but let’s not be fooled by where a Tom’s allegiance is…….. The Tom, is on the White Man’s side – at all times –

If Chris wasn’t a Tom, he never would’ve agreed to tell that joke.

He would’ve realized the Oscars is not the stage to make fun of a black woman’s appearance. If he was “down” with black people, he would not have allowed himself, to be used as a ‘tool’ of destruction ……….. Will never walks up there and slaps him, if he doesn’t tell that joke …… we can all sit around and say Will should’ve sat there and done it back stage, and all the scenarios we been debating since it happened; but fact is, if CHRIS does not tell that joke, none of this happens.

Chris Rock is a Tom; he may not be as ‘bad’ or as ‘obvious’ as Clarence Thomas, Paris Dennard, Rev .Darrell Scott, Terry Crews, or Candace Owens … but he’s still in that league of sellouts … and we as a community need to be honest about this so we can see it clearly; NO need for black people to do anything for Chris; he’ll be taken care of by his WHITES … until they no longer need him … and that will be the price, for choosing to serve massa when we supposed to be free.

Let’s dive deeper into this …

It’s two weeks since ‘the slap’ and black people are still having debates with one another over whether or not Will Smith should’ve done it.  I don’t see nearly enough discussions about whether or not Chris Rock should’ve started it.  Cause, sadly, black people lack conflict resolutions skills.  Largely due to being raised in white society, where whites ‘also’ lack conflict resolutions skills. We don’t look at who was wrong first, instead we judge conflicts by who we already like the most.

I’ve seen a lot of reaction from black men, who do not approve of Will Smith being in a relationship with a woman like Jada Pinkett Smith. Those black men are entirely bothered by Jada, and feel Will should quit defending her in public. Most of these men also feel Will Smith should leave Jada and go be happy. None of these men know Will Smith though.  We have no idea what Jada is doing for him, or if he’s already happy in his relationship.  That “Jada and Will Love” will have to be a conversation for another time however.

We are here to discuss the fact, that Chris Rock is a Tom

Somehow, Chris Rock has been able to escape the TOM label that lands on other more obvious black sellouts. However, if we are to examine the career of Chris Rock, all the signs are there. He’s even put on a dress, in multiple television shows and movies.  A black man wearing a dress, is a historic trope used to effeminate the black man.  This practice of making the ‘black man’ weak is done on purpose, in order to make black women respect their men less, and look to white men more.

Images of strong black men are almost, seemingly, not allowed in America. It’s one of several reasons many black people are upset over Marvel’s decision not to recast tchalla for the upcoming Black Panther Sequels.  Chadwick Boseman, the actor that portrayed him, tragically passed away. However, does that mean the character he played, in a ‘fictional movie’ should also pass too? Do we see that with any other comic book hero or villain?  How many people have played Batman?  We’ve seen how many different variations of the Joker, Superman, Flash, and more – so why all of a sudden with ‘this particular role’, are they taking a different approach?

Cause, T’challa represents a strong, intelligent, black man who rules a kingdom more advanced than many cultures on earth.

That’s not the ‘image’ white America wants to portray.  Again, a lot of time and effort has gone into ‘socially engineering’ black divisions, especially over masculinity.  Tichina Arnold played Chris mother on Everybody Hates Chris. Just today, she posed a question many of us don’t want to discuss about the role black women are playing in the emasculation of black men.  Cause as I type about black men in dresses, perhaps none is more famous than Tyler Perry right now. His main target audience, is black women.

  • White America prefers to see a black man in a dress.
  • They love the black man that lets them say Nigger.
  • Whites also love how Chris Rock has included, in his stand up routines, guidelines that make it acceptable for them, to call black people niggers.  It’s all very Tommish when you sit and think it through …

It’s true that many black people laughed at these jokes aswell, but when white people started to repeat them … for me, my view of the joke changed.  Two things can, afterall, be true at once.  A ‘joke’ can be both funny and offensive. Chris has played so many memorable roles that we loved, that we’ve collectively given him a pass.

ComedyHype did a decent job of breaking down, what may be one of Chris Rock’s most famous ‘routines’ …

Black people are not a monolith.

This is very true, as I’ve pointed out several times on this site. Toms are out of control and have been for quite some time.  Now, The Toms are even starting arguments over whether or not we should call them Tom or Sambo. As the commentary from ComedyHype explains it, there have been divisions within black society since the days of slavery.  These divisions were caused by white people – and in many ways, white people continue to cause divisions by Jumping into conversations like these that do not concern them.

In no way should a white person have seen Chris Rock’s routine, and felt that it was ok for them to also repeat it!

However many of them did. Many whites, since that joke was told, have gone on to justify Police murdering unarmed black people . Most will claim they are not racist, and that there is a difference between a black person, and a nigger.  Cause, that’s what Chris Rock said!  He’s black!! – and this is the very definition of ‘being a tool for white supremacy’. 

As a people we too have signed off on this ‘joke’, cause we’ve already been divided to begin with. It didn’t take much for us to agree, and say yea, that’s right, some of us are black, but some of us as niggas!!  White people see us sign off on the ‘joke’ and they feel it’s a pass for them as well.

Again, white people stay pouring more salt in our wounds…

We’re already divided, and can’t seem to get on the same page with one another. This incident with Chris Rock and Will Smith have exposed the divide even more.  Frankly, if Chris Rock wasn’t a Tom, he doesn’t tell that joke about Jada, at the Oscars.

In a room filled with white people he could’ve told jokes about anything, on a stage like that, why go after Jada? Did that need to happen?  Why not tell some Harvey Weinstein or Woody Allen jokes instead?   I’m sure there were some white actresses struggling with weight, that Chris could’ve told some jokes about.

Chris knows better than to insult white folks, and so do most black people.

I’ve seen blacks talk about how, we can’t get away with the things whites can.  And they say it, as if they’re ok with that being the case. Are we FREE in 2022 or not?  Have we actually given up on equality?  These Toms are just all over the place with their debates, cause that’s the mental fragmentation living in a white man’s prison has done to black people.

We can’t seem to agree that this ‘joke’ never should’ve been told in the first place. But perhaps it’s because we have not come to terms with the reality about one of our favorite black comedians. Chris Rock is a Tom.