Cornel West for President 2024 - can the black vote win

Can The Black Vote Put Cornel West in The White House?

I’m a black voter :: been voting since I was old enough to.

So I remember when Cornel West and Tavis ‘fell out’ with Eric Michael Dyson over Obama NOT having a Black Agenda.

I did NOT agree with them back then; looking back on it however, both of them were right.

This is also How I know, that “if” Cornel can get a realistic shot at the white house, he absolutely WILL Push for reparations to Black Americans.

No doubt about it; he’s got my vote Right Now ::: and something interesting IS happening.

A lot of people are still devoted to the “Two party system” — but that system depends on US going along with it; WE the People have to take POWER over Politics, and MAKE a 3rd party relevant.

That is how it works ::: “The black Vote” is usually democratic; a lot of ‘fuss’ is made about it too;

Black Republicans as of late try to use that talking point, to suggest black voters are not ‘thinking’ for themselves; its’ partially true.

Cause if we DO think for ourselves, logically, we’ll listen to what Malcolm X told us over 50 years ago; That NEITHER party is looking out for us; it was true in the 1960’s, and it’s true today. No Conscious, THINKING black voter would identify as Liberal or Conservative; actually.

I’m leaning towards Cornel West; as are a LOT of black voters right now;

Not enough ‘yet’ to make a difference; but there are a few months left in 2023 to change how people are thinking; This clip is from 10 years ago ::: He’s been serious about changing how this Nation works; and while he’ll have a Black Agenda; really he has an Anti Elite White Supremacy Agenda ::: as he states openly here :: The white elites are NOT the majority ::: and I can see him appealing to the White voters who are Swing voters, are Independents; and … the many who have voted Red or Blue the last few elections but, like so many others, are VERY disappointed with the Options we have ………..

Here is part 2 of the conversation we shared above.

Tavis Smiley and Cornel make some incredible points, in this old video that hold up well to this day.

The wealth gap has grown even more since these two sat down for this discussion on Democracy Now. Both political parties continue to ignore the needs, of not just black voters, but people of all ethnic backgrounds who don’t qualify as one of the elites. Cornel West is addressing all of these matters, while not backing away from speaking directly to the black voter. Just as he always has done, along with Tavis. Who thinks he picks him for his VP? That would really be something ….

TD Hip Hop is a great source of information in new black media. He did a fantastic job with this video breakdown, where Cornel West exposes the Congressional Black Caucus. If the black vote can galvanize around Cornel West, I wonder what other voting blocks will also align?  Usually, the 3rd party has no chance.  But do American voters, nevermind ‘just black voters’, really want to choose between Joe Biden or Trump?  We know a change is needed.