Black Voters Are Declining

Black Voters Sitting Out Elections Because …

Let’s talk about black voters sitting out elections.  I Voted yesterday, but … Voting yesterday Sucked.

I did not know most of the candidates running for offices and I hate that. I hate casting a vote for a total stranger and I don’t know if it’s my fault, for not getting more informed on each of them; there has been So much going on and is that even a valid excuse? OR is it the fault of these candidates who did literally Zero campaigning; no ads on tv to ‘at least’ associate their name with something;

(Here in the Los Angeles area) I voted for Rhambo, cause he dropped by a church service I attended and talked about his successful time in Compton, plus I don’t like Villanueva; he’s clearly a White-Hispanic White supremacist; (these are Hispanics who identify as white; which is a much larger % than many realize) –

I also voted for Karen Bass, who honestly, has been a disappointment. I remember when she first ran for office. She was at those old “State of the Black Union” panels Tavis Smiley used to host back in the days, before Obama got into office, and what not …

I thought she was gonna get in office and change things up but, like so many politicians they get in there, and the Lobbyist take over. Like so many she has ignored black voters entirely as well.

Which brings me to this point. Lobbying is really where the ‘game’ of politics is played most. Unfortunately, Black people have no Lobbyists …

Many black voters are angry and disillusioned with ‘the process’ right now cause, Neither party is addressing the needs, of black people. So many ‘advances’ that seem to be put in place to benefit black people, end up mostly benefitting everyone BUT black people, and then blacks are blamed for what OTHERS are deciding to do. Such as giving jobs to Hispanics to ‘replace’ blacks, only to turn around and claim blacks just don’t want to work!

For example, I remember articles talking about how White Women were the largest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action;

Apparently, ‘affirmative action’, was just a Phrase, used by presidents JFK, and then LBJ, about the type of action needed to end discrimination.

New policies and actions were put into place to battle racist anti-black discriminations practices by most employers.  However, since ‘laws’ like those (that would come to be referenced ‘as’ affirmative action) never stated they are/were for Blacks Only – everyone who isn’t a white male, was able to use it them to progress…… in spite of having several other ‘laws’ in place to benefit them.

Then, the black struggle is often ‘used’ by other groups to obtain more rights, privileges and access, FOR THEM. While once again, leaving black people out ….

I’ll use George Floyd as the most recent example. It started out, with, Black Lives Matter yelled at the first few days of marches around the world. THEN ….. “Trans Lives Matter” got threw into the mix.  You can’t tell me it didn’t happen, I witnessed it. I didn’t take photos or tell people I was at marches and what not. Didn’t do it for social media clout – or for attention – but mostly to see what was going on in the streets and I’m telling you, it got coopted quickly.

BLM Marches often are Coopted by Other Groups (Trans lives Signs)

(black movements are often coopted, by agents of white supremacy, which do include black people. They take what blacks are dealing with and spread it around to everyone.)

While Yes, all lives ‘do’ matter, what part of “America is not treating black life like black lives matter” do you numbskulls not understand?

(Numbskulls = all of society that continues to infiltrate the ‘black lives matter’ message, and throw in other groups!  It’s that thing where people talking about breast cancer, and working to battle that disease, suddenly get bombarded with ‘what about HIV-Aids too?’) …………

I realize that may offend some of you reading this, however what other term fits?

It’s as if people purposely misunderstand, or are being ‘paid’ to disrupt progress.

That’s where lobbying comes in, cause they’re always spending money to get their agendas through.

As you’ll see from the video above, currently, the Lobbying Industry is pretty corrupt. The wrong people are working as lobbyist right now.  Frankly, without a Lobby that will fight for black people, and pay off some politicians to get what black people really NEED out of this society. It has left many black voters with FEW Options, on the political landscape.

This is why a lot of black voters are talking about voting for conservatives, or sitting the vote out all together … Which, seemingly is what they’ve always wanted.

They (white supremacist racists)  NEVER wanted black people voting.  For a while now, it ‘seemed’ like the Democrats actually did want us to vote. It turns out, it’s just so THEY can gain political power … just as Malcolm X told us.

Without that Lobby … again … many black people feel that Sitting it out, will FORCE Democrats to create and follow ‘black agendas’.  Or else the Other side will run this country. While that prospect won’t be too good for us either. We have survived through everything America has thrown at us.

Conservatives will destroy America and sell it to the highest bidder …. and Black people will survive that too.

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