Donald Sterling and V Stiviano

Reactions To Donald Sterling’s Racist Recording Set the Web On fire

Earlier today I wrote about yet another Racist event in America tied to Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  Reactions to Donald’s racist remarks, recorded by his gf (V. Stiviano), are setting the web on fire – as it should. This is a conversation we keep dodging. Throughout 2013 we had so many opportunities to sit down as a society and discuss racism and how it continues to rear it’s ugly head.

We need to get clear about who is really the target of racism too – African Americans.

Whenever other racial groups try to claim that they are victims of racism, it simply muddies the waters and pushes justice and equality further away from black people – the original targets of racism. Donald’s remarks simply shine a light on a reality black people know is still very much alive. “A Culture…” he mentions, that he’s trying to live in and fit into. Who is this Culture?

We really need to ask ourselves, ‘Who are these people calling Donald Sterling to tell him his GF is being SEEN with black people?’

I addressed a lot of how ‘I” feel in my earlier article on this Racist Bigot –

In that article, Donald Sterling’s Racism Rises Again – reaction from Stephen A. Smith, Shaquille Oneal, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith are all included. Lots of my personal views (naturally) are included as well. Since then, I’ve heard several others react to this news.

Several outlets reporting on this story too –

The Daily Beast – Clippers Bigot Donald Sterling Doesn’t Want Black People At ‘His Games’

Donald Sterling shakes Black person's Hand in Public!

Ironic Photo they have here too; Really shows you how FAKE racist people are capable of being; They really can SMILE in your face, and call you a Nigger in private. I wonder if his friends called him to ask why he was seen taking a photo ‘TOUCHING a black person in public” — Oh no!! —

Found this interesting article too – L.A. Clippers Owner Brings Rising Team Back Down to Earth with Racial Comments

The reason I found this to be ‘interesting’ – is the Cliippers are in the midst of a chance to do what they have NEVER done; They’ve got a good enough team to ‘maybe’ reach a Western Conference Finals, or even an NBA Finals ‘this season’ – and then THIS happens. The Clippers Point Guard, Chris Paul, who is also the President of the National Basketball Players Association says “We will address (these comments) aggressively” – Read more of what Chris Paul said – meanwhile, Magic Johnson (the main target of this racist rant) really let us know how upset he was, with his comments on Twitter.  “I won’t Ever Attend Another Clipper Game” – Magic Johnson

Let’s see what the TwitterVerse has to say —

(looking to confirm Kobe’s Tweet Now)

Most Ironic Award – (also calls for more research —)

WHAT????  WOW to be a fly on the wall in a NAACP meeting…. wonder what will Unfold there!

Real Talk Award – from SoPoCo

Even Olivia Pope Has Issues with This!

Used to listen to this dude’s radio show – Tony Bruno Knows his Stuff – always respected this white dude.

We had a Paula Dean Reference earlier today – THIS Just in (The Clippers Website)

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