Is Bill Maher a white supremacist now? Perhaps he always was?

Bill Maher Supporting White Supremacy Now?

Let’s talk about the curious matter of Bill Maher, and his HBO television show, Real Time. A few years back, Bill Maher wanted to say Nigga, and I’m sure that included the hard er version too. There was plenty backlash. It became pretty clear to Bill that he had ‘maybe’ crossed a line. So what does Bill Maher do?

Bill Maher went to the Look at what my black friend says card ….

The play backfired however. He had Ice Cube come onto his ‘show’ and discuss whether or not he, as a white man, could use the N word. Honestly this is a ongoing problem within white America. For some odd reason, white people just cannot allow this one word to not be used by them.

There’s tons of words white people won’t use however. Tons of things white people know not to say. Such as, saying anything that insinuates that Jews own everything. They know that is unacceptable language. Nowadays, most white people will not refer to men who identify as homosexuals, as faggots. This however used to be such a common term it was even on most television shows, in most movies. Similar to the N word as well.

In many ways this is where the ‘debate’ starts. Rap music often has the n word featured. White people want to say the word when they ‘sing along’ to the rap lyrics. But, this is one word that most of black America has told white people they cannot use.

This debate only happens with this word, cause white people are racist. They do not respect black people like they respect Jews. As I already stated, many of them know better than to say ‘anything’ that might offend Jewish people. Offending black people however? As usual, it’s always a ‘different set of rules’.

That’s truly what racism is about. Treating black people ‘differently’ from everyone else.

As much of a ‘liberal’ Bill Maher has always been, what he’s also always been is a ‘moderate liberal’. The kind MLK warned us all about in his Letter from the Birmingham Jail.  These are the democrats who are just as racist as conservatives are, but go about their racism in a kinder way. Usually at least, until they get called out….

Enter Bill Maher as of late, his Real Time show on HBO is now, noticeably less black. Where he used to have black guests on his panel regularly, for the last couple of seasons, the panel has been very much white. Reducing the panel from 3 guests down to just 2, certainly does not help.  The ‘featured guest’ who used to be the 4th seat, now the 3rd, joins the show mid way through, and again is usually someone who is not black.

Oh boy do those true colors show … 

Now, as of his latest show, Bill Maher has gone full white supremacist. Openly supporting the murder of innocent women and children in Palestine. Repeating all of the ‘talking points’ that have been used to justify what has been taking place, since early into October.

Going as far as to suggest the world would be a better place with more Israels.

I’ve always liked Bill, personally. He isn’t afraid to say things that most people ‘want to say’ but are afraid to. I started watching him way back when he was on abc, before he offended George Bush. Being “politically incorrect” is something we do regularly here, on

Bill has always had big issues with Muslims, and especially with the terrorist groups in Arab nations. Consistently, he’s not a fan of Christianity either, or any organized religion. However, I’ve always noticed, he’s always gone much harder on the nation of Islam. So it wasn’t much of a surprise, to see him take this stance.

But as one person said in the ‘replies’, Bill Maher’s transition to Dennis Miller, is now complete. Here’s what a few others had to say.

A nice ‘twist’ on an actual Bill Maher quote, about conservatives and racism.  Another person dropped close to an hour long video. Cause the stance Bill Maher is taking, is the ‘politically correct’ stance to take. It’s the one Biden has taken, and several US Congress people too. Nothing is a ‘surprise’ here as far as I see it.

I do have to agree however, Bill Maher is Dennis Miller now. He’s even misusing the term ‘woke’ the way racist white people use it. Woke does not mean what these people keep saying it means. Interestingly however, the way they use it, usually is to push back against ‘diversity’.

White supremacist are constantly playing games. Their usage of language is one of the main weapons of warfare. Cause from one side, ‘diversity’ is used to push forth rights for ‘minority groups’ that are not black.  Just as affirmative action has mostly benefited white women, ‘diversity’ is just a tricky term.

But since ‘diversity’ also tends to exclude white men, White men have a huge problem with it.

  • White men don’t want to see female led super hero films or tv shows.
  • They don’t want to hear about black Americans being ‘owed’ reparations.
  • Never are any of us allowed to call them racist.
  • All efforts to bring about a ‘positive change’ is seen as a threat to white male power.

Now, those efforts are called ‘wokeness’ – and Bill might as well change his name to Sean Hannity. It’s consistent with the blatant racism from other conservative ‘talking heads’ that we’ve discussed before.

Let me get right to it. I don’t condone terrorism. Also I don’t turn a blind eye to what is creating the terrorism. Everything about what has transpired in that region, is identical to white people colonizing America. That’s why Bill Maher went on and used that as his ‘talking point’ in that piece.

Is Bill Maher a white supremacist now? Was he always?

While I also agree, that living under Muslim ‘rule’ wouldn’t be as ‘free’ as what we experience in America. But the ‘freedoms’ in America are still on a tiered system where whites have all the freedoms. These are often complicated issues that people over simplify. It would be ‘best’ if people could all learn to leave each other alone.

Do your thing over there where you do it; and let others do theirs where they do it. But quit getting into each other’s business. Staying out of other people’s business however, is a problem for white people. This is where “Karen” comes from. It’s that nosey white woman who’s asking black people why they are BBQ’ing at a public park. Or that nosey white woman asking black people why they’re walking around in apartment complexes, where they actually live.

White people are always putting their ‘nose’ in someone else’s business.

It’s problematic.

Mostly this is linked to their sense of entitlement. Many of them literally think they own everything, and everyone. The idea that the ancestors of Jews once lived on that land is their whole ‘claim’. Ignoring the history of the region, that many of them ‘lost’ the land. But, a decision was made by white superpowers to carve out space for Israel.

Which would’ve been fine had they stayed where they were. But they expanded, and expanded, and expanded. Cause other people’s land is their land too. Other people’s property belongs to them, other people’s lives. It’s a way of thought that creates problems, and there may be no stopping it. Cause they continue to reassure each other, that nothing is wrong with what they do. 

This is how white ‘supremacy’ stands. So long as enough white people will help keep that ‘goal’ alive –