Racist La Hispanic Councilmembers

Anti-black Racism From LA Hispanics


Anti-black racism from LA Hispanics has been a problem for quite some time now.  Recently, news broke of  a recorded discussion between 4 Hispanic LA politicians.  This discussion was extremely anti-black and very racist.  Nury Martinez, takes center stage in this story, that occurred over a year ago.  Apparently it was posted on reddit, but, an organization in LA was able to get that video taken down. They also froze the account of the person that posted it.

I find that interesting as fuck, cause why do they need assistance in this cover up?  Do LA Hispanics have something to hide?

Some time ago I wrote a story about Hispanics in LA taking jobs from Black people. This story illustrated a history of friction between the black and brown communities.  Often, it’s touted that there is some kind of ‘black and brown coalition’, but black people rarely experience this as reality.

Oh it sounds good, and makes it seem like these two communities are working together.  The truth is much darker and disappointing.

The Hispanic community, largely identifies as white.  When they look at matters of race, they lean towards being in agreement with white society. This is why George Zimmerman, a white hispanic, had such racist views towards Trayvon Martin.  A black kid, he did not know, but felt ok with taking the liberties of seeing him in a negative light.

This is very similar to the energy we hear from Nury Martinez.

Her comments are all over the place. At one point in the conversation she makes comments about the adopted black child, of a fellow white LA councilman.  She referred to this child, as a little monkey, and wanted to take him around the corner to harm and abuse him.  Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon were enjoying her comment, which must have been far worse.

Whatever Nury was saying, made a coworker press ‘record’.  So it had to be very bad – again – this is not new to black people.

The problem with this story, is there are far too many Hispanic people who are openly Dishonest about this problem.  When pointed out, many Hispanics will lie, claim racism is not rampant in their community; and will instead suggest it is blacks who are the real racists.

It’s directly tied to what we see from White society – it’s their blueprint.

Another target of Nury Martinez racist rant, was newly elected D.A. in Los Angeles, George Gascon.  There have been tons of outraged whites and Hispanics, over the policies of the new DA.  Nury, helps make it plain for anyone who’s lying about the real issue. They dislike him cause ‘they feel’ his policies benefit black people.

Fuck that guy (George Gascon), He’s with the blacks! – Nury Martinez

If there was really a such thing, as a black and brown coalition, Hispanics would be speaking out in droves against Nury and all others in the room.  Instead, only blacks are outraged, which is not to be surprised.  The discussion they were having, was pretty important. Determining where resources are going, and making sure almost NONE go to black people, is on record now.

Let us not forget what just happened here.  A veil has been lifted, and what’s been lied about for decades has been exposed – bare.

Black people are aware of the anti-black racism in Hispanic Culture.

Hispanics are aware of this as well, but often lie.  It doesn’t help with ‘race relations’ one bit. Black people need to wake up and realize what’s actually going on. Oftentimes, blacks are divided. Far too many believe racism isn’t as bad as some blacks say it is.  It’s often far worse than what they believe.

Tariq is right too, black people need to Only Vote for Tangibles. Blacks need to move away from using terms like ‘black and brown’, it is a myth. Also blacks must stop being ok with any Policy for “minorities”, cause that’s a trick word, where everyone BUT blacks will benefit.  as we can see, and hear, people in positions of power, actually do Actively work to undermine black people – in these modern times.

“Black folks have to stop being scared. We’re always afraid we’re gonna lose allies, that others will turn against us. They’re doing that anyways. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, from looking out for ourselves first.” – Tariq Nasheed.

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