O.J. Simpson from his 1995 Trial

The Perceived Infamy of O.J. Simpson Vs. The Media

It’s no secret that O.J. Simpson has been a hot button topic in our society for the past 20 years. Most of that has been entirely created by The media, from the very beginning of the ‘trial of the century’ as they called it. After 20 years had passed since that trial, where O.J. Simpson was found Not Guilty, the media once again decided to go all in. They (ESPN) came with a TV Series (Made In America) that was supposedly based on all the evidence. It naturally painted O.J. Simpson as a man who got away with murder.

Then Fox produced another Television series, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., “American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ“, which also hinted at O.J. being a killer.

So, the ‘video’ I’m about to share is super interesting in it’s entire context. Shout outs to Tariq Nasheed for pointing out this video ‘clip’ … with a tweet earlier.


Here is the entire ‘speech’ that O.J. Simpson gave on this night, where he goes into “Selective Prosecution” and the way our media spins stories. You can watch the ‘entire’ video as well, which you should, as this was an event hosted by the late Steve Cokely. In this lecture Steve Cokely went into the ‘Black Boule’, a secret society with black members who work against the black community. Apparently he had invited O.J. Simpson to come and speak at this lecture, and share fresh off his experience of going ‘through’ that trial of the century.

O.J. made some very interesting remarks in this talk, with this audience. He wanted to mobilize the black community to get an ‘apology’ out of the media for their mis-characterization of O.J. Simpson. Mentioning that we aren’t as good as the Jewish community is at getting the media in check. Much of that, is because black people don’t own or control many media outlets. This is why the New Black Media is so important for black people.

“You’re hoping things have changed but you’re really Fooling yourself” – O.J. Simpson talking about how his money couldn’t help him escape racism

The comparison of his trial, with other trials going on at the time such as John Wayne Bobbit, and the Menendez Brothers is fascinating looking back.  We see O.J. clearly frustrated that the ‘white media’ wouldn’t allow him to come on their airwaves and discuss what he wanted to discuss. Instead they wanted to control his conversation, and that’s exactly how that goes. Unfortunately for O.J. Simpson, his hopes and wishes never came into fruition. The media continued to defame his character, and refer to him as a murderer every chance it got.

You probably heard the news by now, that after the kidnapping charges that sent O.J. Simpson to prison for the past 9 years, he’s finally getting out in October.

When he was sentenced, it was clear that the kidnapping had nothing to do with it.  The consensus is, he was sent to prison, for that murder case in 1995. Upon news of his release, once again the media and especially social media tore into him.  This is maddening for it’s hypocrisy and irony.  When police murder an unarmed black person, and are found not guilty our society and media accepts the verdict.  However, when O.J. Simpson is found not guilty, he’s continued to be portrayed as a man who got away with murder.

When is the last time (or the first time) you’ve heard the Media refer to George Zimmerman as a man who got away with murder?  Who thinks we’ll ever see a television series that depicts George Zimmerman as an innocent victim who got attacked by a menacing black teen whom he had to kill in ‘self defense’ ….?  I personally doubt we’ll ever see that. But, it’s not ‘our media’ and the ones who it’s made for, don’t seem to understand how much it lies to them, especially about us.

None of what O.J. Simpson shared is necessary ‘news’ to us, it’s just interesting to hear it coming from him at that time. That video was around 1995, and yea we know that not much has changed. DOJ Reports in both Ferguson and the reports on the Police Departments in Baltimore both show a pattern. We recognize that ‘way of policing’ all around the country.  They’re targeting blacks, and brown (people of color) who often cannot afford to fight their legal system. (How Drug Sentences Vary By Race)

It’s safe to say, we can count on the (mainstream) media to continue to play their role. It’s just up to the rest of us to recognize what they’re up to.

*update 3/21/.2018 :: The original video was replaced and is back working again :: also some of this rare footage of OJ Simpson may provide even more context into Why he sat down for the Fox interview, and book deal, where he ‘hypothetically’ discussed, ‘if he did it’ …. aka ‘Did O.J. Confess?’ – read about the ‘confession’ here.