Jason Collins Comes Out The Proverbial Closet His Aunt Already Knew

The Gay conversation has become an ongoing aspect of our society hasn’t it?

I realize that whenever it is suggested that the media has an agenda to push and promote homosexuality, that suggestion is often met with ferocious opposition.

Anyone who dares suggest it, is called several names, and is vilified by that very same mainstream media.

So with the huge announcement today by Long time NBA player Jason Collins, that he is gay, the smear engines have started up and begun; with seemingly their first target. We’ll see how long this strongly opinionated ESPN journalist is able to keep his job, since he decided to state on the record, where he stands on the gay issue.


Most won’t speak out in opposition to gay lifestyle, nor will they dare quote the Bible. To do so is to be in favor of discrimination against blacks. At least, that’s become the talking point.

This might explain why most polls reflect African Americans as the only ‘ethic group’ here in America today that does not overwhelmingly support this gay movement, that has been slowly growing over the past Two Decades. Now it’s in full momentum, and seems like nothing is going to hold them back. The gay community wants us to know that they are Everywhere!

… As if we did not already know.

That seemed to be the most striking aspect of the SI article – which featured the announcement by Jason Collins. He talks about telling his Aunt, who responded by saying she already knew.

Generally speaking, that’s kind of how it goes for us straight people. We kinda notice who’s like us … and who’s not.

It’s not like you have to make an announcement about it; and yet – this seems to be part of the Entire Strategy.

Now  I know what you’re thinking – how dare I suggest the rumored gay agenda is real – and I wanna agree with YOU For a moment, and say it’s not real. BUT it sure does ‘seem’ like there could be something to it. I listen to a lot of sports radio so today was not a surprise to me. A guest came onto the Ireland and Mason Show on ESPN 710 here in Los Angeles who was also a reporter, but involved with the gay community – and he said on the show that We’d soon be hearing from several athletes.

This doesn’t help the case.

This makes today’s announcement seem, planned.

Much of the talk around the mainstream media is on how brave Jason Collins is for ‘coming out’ – but can I be honest for a moment?

I think it would have been Brave for him to ‘come out’ while he was still in college, 10-15 years ago – when the political climate was not as in Favor of gay lifestyle, as it is today. The climate today, makes it so much easier for an athlete to do this; and while he is the first, we already know he will not be the last. The media will make sure we hear every single announcement as  well.

As if it’s even our business, in the first place.

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