New Media Threatens The Status Quo

Excellent commentary from Professor Black Truth on how New media threatens the old, status quo.

*Unfortunately this video was removed from youTube* – largely due to how modern Black media threatens the status quo; Look into other articles from SoPoCo on social media censorship like twitter and youtube — (updated on 2/4/19 :: original article follows below.)

More on this topic is forthcoming. New media is a threat to the control old media has on society.

I first started to pay attention to this story a few days ago. An example of what Professor Black Truth is talking about is below.

Some content creators are doing this for money, while others get a mental thrill from being influential. Others fall somewhere in between.

David Packman, may be one of those who are in between. We can tell hes passionate about what he covers. He’s an example of new media threatening the status quo.

But this advertising boycott may run him off YouTube. That may not be all bad however.

*Update 11/4/17 – A lot has happened, showing that new media is indeed threatening the status quo. Since the election of our new president, Old Media has come under fire, but so has new media too. Independent voices have been drowned out, over the past several months. Most recently, as of last week, New York Blogs which were very popular were bought out, and wiped clean. Obliterating their archives and any ‘stories’ that may not have made the Status quo look bad.

More on this ‘battle’ between New Media and Old Media:

Be sure to take a few moments to let us know what you like, or dislike about all these new ways for us to get our hands on information. Is it good for us as a society or is it contributing to more and more division, like some outlets say it is?