Black Wedding Game of Thrones

Bran’s Flashback To The Black Wedding on Game Of Thrones

On last night’s 3rd Episode of Game of Thrones, now in it’s 7th Season, Bran shares his thoughts on the Black Wedding. Spoilers abound for anyone who’s not all the way caught up on their Game of Thrones, which has had some pretty interesting Weddings. There was the Red Wedding, which didn’t end well for the Stark family. We also witnessed the Purple Wedding which, didn’t end too well for King Joffrey, to the overwhelming delight of everyone. (With exceptions being limited to 2 people, Cersei and Jamie Lannister)

Unfortunately we also had the Black Wedding, which sparked a lot of outrage on social media. That night didn’t end well for Sansa as she was raped on her wedding night by her newly wed husband, Ramsay Bolton. It was an incredibly brutal scene which the directors spared us from witnessing. Instead, they zoom in on Reek … and we hear Sansa’s screams.

It’s one of many scenes that has vaulted this television show to the heights of popularity it now enjoys. We’re coming to a close, swiftly as HBO’s cut this season down to 7 shows. The final season is rumored to only be 6 episodes long. So they’re getting right to all of it, and that includes Stark Reunions. Bran, now the ‘three eyed raven’ has finally arrived home. However just like Sansa, he’s been through some traumatic times, and the experiences have changed him.

In his ‘flashback’, he describes the Black Wedding almost as if Bran were trying to find something positive to say.

In the trailer for this episode, we saw Sansa ‘walking away’ from the Godswood Tree. We all figured Bran was talking to her ‘about something’ but wow! What a scene this was, when we consider the fact that this is probably a night Sansa never wants to remember. Here goes family bringing up shit you not trying to hear … right?

The Black Wedding was on a beautiful night though …

His cold but accurate flashback, basically helped Sansa understand that Bran is not playing when he says, he can see everything. Bran knows that what Sansa experienced on that night, as unfortunate as it was, had to happen. He’s adopting the timeless point of view the previous Three eyed Raven had. The past is already written. The ink is dry. However, the future is not and I’m sure he can ‘see’ every possible outcome. That is why he’ll need to continue to work on his vision, and it will be exciting to watch over these next few episodes.

Bran is one of the only people alive, who actually knows that the ‘real King of Westeros’ is Jon … Snow … or Targaryen. It’s what made this awesome scene with Jon and Tyrion that much better, ‘also from Episode 3, The Queen’s Justice’.

As Jon Snow and Tryion approach the castle at Dragonstone, they talked about another awkward Wedding we witnessed. When Sansa was married, to Tyrion (and may still be). This was all part of an incredible season in which Tryion AND Sansa ended up being accused of the murder of his Nephew, the King. (We also got another reference to that moment in this show, at the very end from the Queen of Thorns, as she exited the show blazing guns a fire!)

I love that Tyrion went ahead and broke the ice, and let Jon know he was respectful at all times. Jon already knew that, as Sansa told him as much in the previous episode. It’s always still good to hear confirmation. But, you’ll notice that just as Jon Snow says “I’m not a Stark”, the Dragons fly over….

Que Ygritte from beyond the realm of the living …

Special mention to the scene with Varys and Melisandre … the dialogue in Season 7 has been in ‘book form’ …

Episode 4 is coming … and the Spoils of War I’m sure, will leave us all more than pleased with how these finals hows are bringing this story to a close.