Gender Wars: Beyonce and Jay Z Divorce Rumors Spun All Wrong

We gotta be careful with Media Spin …

Been seeing these reports lately about a Beyonce and Jay Z divorce …

The rumor is, Jay is not faithful.

My thing is this – When a DUDE makes a Song and says “I’m gonna be a Player for life” — why is Beyonce Surprised (if any of it is true) …

What’s with the Media painting Jay to be the bad guy? Where are the reports of how it’s foolish to make a decision to marry a dude who’s openly stated that as long as women are throwing it, he will be catching it — Did she not know what she walked into?  My thing is this, Media Spin like this, puts unjust pressure on males; and almost always relieves females of any real responsibility when it comes to their choices.  The Media creates ‘gender wars’ – where we start following a story like this with “Men are Dogs” — but we won’t comment on what women are, for making poor decisions; That’s not P.C. ….

My Opinion, all of this creates Unhealthy relationships between men and women; it keeps us from being what we are meant to be, when two people come together.

All that being said —- I have mentioned that Beyonce is a Marketing Genius.

For all we know, her, Jay and Solange are all in it together; stirring a buzz; creating rumors; Letting them go unchallenged in the Media; all because, Controversy Sells like nothing else does.

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