Fox Digs Up Old OJ Simpson “Confession” Tape

File this away in the ‘since everyone else is talking about OJ Simpson I will too’ folder.  Fox decided to Dig up an Old OJ Simpson ‘Confession’ Tape, and twitter went wild. The hashtag #DidOjConfess is full of all sorts of debates on whether or not the former NFL Player murdered his Ex-Wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman.  The ‘trial of the century’ continues to be a hot topic of debate in our society. Generally speaking, you can tell a lot about a person from how they feel about this case.

However, in recent years more and more effort has been put forth into ‘proving‘ that OJ Simpson got away with Murder.

And … the efforts may be working.  More and more people think he actually did it. Where as this case used to almost be split down the middle along the ‘lines of race’, today several black people ‘also’ think he is guilty.

Here are Desus and Mero ‘joking’ about this interview, the “lost and found OJ tapes”

In my opinion, this was a bad decision by O.J. Simpson, in a long string of bad decisions. I personally do not think he committed these murders, however, this interview is a bad look! I’ll be honest, had I got ‘let off’ in a trial of this magnitude, the last thing I would want to do is go on TV and talk about it. I certainly would not fall into a ‘hypothetical’ where I speak of myself as ‘guilty’, either. It really makes him look bad, and even if he did not do it, this – I repeat – is a bad look!

We should note the context here, that this interview from 2006 was part of his book deal, for “If I Did It”.  You can actually read a lot about this whole ordeal in a pretty riveting piece on New York Times, about how this interview, shown so many years later, is perhaps both Gross and Gripping. Maybe a bit more gross than gripping though if we truly think about it. All of it then, and now is about money. After paying for the ‘legal team of the century’ to beat the LAPD, OJ Simpson was broke.  He essentially went along with all of this, for a paycheck

It is truly sad to witness what happens, when celebrities ‘fall from grace’…. The Fall of OJ Simpson included

Meanwhile … who the fuck is Charlie?

OJ Simpson mentions Charlie in his 'confession' tape

… Tariq Nasheed, however, continues to make sure ‘we’ see the bigger picture. His commentary, centers on the fact that the Case was Bigger than O.J.  – (watch On YouTube only)

Please never forget Johnny Cochran and the tremendous job he did with this trial. Because yes, at this time something like this was almost unthinkable. A black man can be framed for almost any crime in this nation, and will go to jail even if they are innocent. This problem in this nation has been present ever since it’s foundation on the backs of African Americans. The idea that black people could ‘ever’ be free, has continued to be but a dream in this country. Constantly harassed and over policed, the slightest accusation resulting in a situation many of us cannot afford, literally, to be in. I mean, entire books like “To Kill a Mockingbird” were written about this problem in America. Just because a person is ‘accused’ of a crime, it does not mean they are guilty.

This is fact that white people in our society often fail to consider.

SO much of it is tied to their ongoing denial of the impacts of racism, and it’s ongoing presence in our society.  Most whites refuse to listen to any reason when blacks speak of injustice in our ‘justice’ system. So ‘any suggestion’ that O.J. Simpson was framed, has never been seriously considered by the vast majority of white people. All of this, is in spite of actual evidence, that he may have been framed, by the police.

Also, do not forget that when Mark Furhman was asked about whether or not he planted evidence, he plead the 5th. Mark Furhman was also on tape, bragging about planting evidence on black people and being adamantly against interracial relationships.  Everything about this case, screams that O.J. Simpson was set up, but as Tariq accurately points out (in the link to the video) above, this entire case has never been about the facts.

*note that ‘i do not recall’ aka the ‘i don’t know card’. It was played by this white supremacist police officer in this trial. When asked if he had been honest, or ever falsified police reports, he plead the fifth.  Sadly most white people (and even blacks who are often persuaded by ‘white facts’) seem to dismiss this Huge part of the trial.

It’s just another example of ‘white supremacy‘ pressuring white people to ‘stay on code’. (Facts don’t matter, just stick together – no matter what)

Whites ignore the shady methods of the police, as well as the other people from Ron Goldman’s job that were also murdered. The Michael Nigg case and other waiters have all been brought up as possible connections to this murder.

However, these facts do not sit well with the original theory put out by a racist police officer and a racist judicial system.  To stay ‘on code’ within white supremacy you must go with the white narrative, at all times. (This explains the Trump Cult too.)

Mob connections …. also overlooked

I agree with Tariq, because as he states in this commentary, the same people who think OJ Simpson is guilty, respect the jury decision on George Zimmerman.

They think Eric Garner deserved to die, and so did Trayvon Martin.  So these people have eroded their own credibility, which racism tends to do. If you are white, and you feel O.J. Simpson is a murderer, you may need to check your pulse.  Believing what the police ‘said’ is not good enough to believe someone is a killer.

Truly, it’s your fault the real killers have not faced justice.

As I stated earlier I do not believe he did it.  The reality is, O.J. Simpson is just not a very intelligent man.  The same man who thought it would be a good idea to run up in a room in Las Vegas and pressure a memorabilia collector to GIVE him back his stuff, is who sat down for this interview.