Money Matters: Bitcoin is booming

Let’s Discuss Money Matters For A Moment

You may have noticed the ‘ads’ around SoPoCo are bitcoin related as of late. That’s because we’re fully on board with what may just be the future of money. Money Matters is an area of discussion we’ve touched on lightly around here.  We have addressed the need for black people to concern themselves with business ownership, and economics. The society that has been so successful economically is mostly built upon knowledge & information.

People who have information will always have an advantage over those who do not!

This become especially true in the ‘information age’ which we have been in, for the last 10 years or more. With the advent of the internet the ability to share and consume information instantly increased. So when the conversation of money matters comes up, there are naturally the people in the know and those who are not. The way society is set up, a large % of black people are never truly exposed to anything in the money matters spectrum of society. The most black people are exposed to is, ‘get a job’….

Of course, through rap music and our racist media, blacks are also exposed to illegal ways to earn a buck. That is why conversations surrounding money matters, matters so much! If a person has not been exposed to ‘information’ on their options, they won’t ‘know’ what options are available to them. The same can be said, about bitcoin. I don’t know where you are right now, but I hope you’re somewhat informed about this new currency.

If not, now is a great time to start informing yourself – I’d even go as far as recommending you buy yourself some!

Here’s a video on “The Fall of Fiat” that I feel is both interesting and relevant. I do not entirely agree with all of the views expressed by the channel owner. We do agree on these money matters though.

Now they cover a wide range of topics in that interview, which include ‘conspiracy theories’ about Building 7. Ever since I watched the Loose Change documentary several years ago, I too have always wondered just how that building fell. We all know that several financial records were housed in building 7 at the World Trade Center, but we don’t really know what happened. That’s sorta how things tend to go in our nation. There are always people meeting in secret, and coming up with new ways to rule.

Is that all Bitcoin is? It it just their latest scheme to maintain control over people, or is it truly a breakthrough that will set people free? (A government Ruse to Usher In A Cashless Society?)

Discuss it with us below –