Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Expression

Freedom: I was browsing my facebook feed, does anyone still do that?

I came across a photo that was rather timely – Gonna share it with you all here, and of course, share my thoughts as well.



This is one of the main reasons that this website was created – we cannot allow the freedom of speech to be dominated by the freedom of expression. I get it. I really do.

I’m black.

The main group the gay community compares themselves too is the African American community – I’m black; I get what they are trying to say.

Many African Americans get what he’s saying too.

More and more African Americans are changing their views on this subject as well, especially since President Obama announced his support for homosexuality.  His decision to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been praised by members of the media who happen to be gay. Sports was the last area in society that had not fully embraced homosexuality.

Yet, many of those same members in the media let us know it was coming.  It came.

Now we’re in the midst of an aftermath that is only getting started. Chris Brossaurd drew plenty of heat for his comments which simply affirmed his Christian Beliefs. This nation was founded on the right to practice any religion without being persecuted – and yet, the very persecution that gays have been screaming to end – seems to be what they’re doing to others.

Again, I get it – I am black.

Do you know how often I have to hear that blacks are simply using reverse racism against whites who, no longer practice racism?

Do you know how often I have to be told that the racism I see in society aimed at blacks is simply all in my head?

I truly get what they’re saying on that side; I do however wonder if They are aware of what they are saying.

The late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was not in favor of using Violence to change a society which viewed the oppression of black people as normal – He was not suggesting that all white people be thrown in jail, or punished in some way for their views, which we can all agree on ‘today’ were entirely wrong views to have. He did not suggest that we Silence White People From making Racist statements.

We have seen several examples where journalists have made racial remarks, on the air, and while many were suspended …

Like Kelly Tilghman who made the infamous remark about Lynching Tiger Woods In a Back Alley … she was suspended, but was able to continue working. No one brings that up anymore. However, it’s not like African Americans have a strong presence in the Media to keep the pressure on a network like the Golf Channel to remove any one who may hold Racist Views towards African Americans.

Just as is the BIG problem in our gov’t right now, Lobbyist can get just about anything —they are lobbying for, as long as they have enough money to pay off a Congressman. This is sorta what’s happening with our Media. The amount of homosexuals working in the Mainstream Media simply means the news will be reported based on what interests Them more; are they more interested in putting an end to Racism towards Blacks … or Discrimination towards Homosexuals?

This is also a conversation I’m working on for a later date; how the Homosexual movement has negatively Hurt the Move for Equality within the African American community; while much of the visible racism has disappeared, the ingrained institutional racism, many will argue has gotten much worse; Yet no one is doing a damn thing about that.  There are no Large Lobbyist Groups organized for the cause of improving conditions for African Americans; the few who claim to be about that, are paid off by Other Lobbyist Groups, to do nothing – and that’s exactly what they do.

The same can be said for Atheists in America vs. Christians.

The Atheist clearly have a stronger lobbyist group – which is gaining more and more Momentum; God was run out of our schools in the 80’s and 90’s – and they’re working hard to run God out of all remaining areas of American Society – while Christians are sitting back, without a strong lobbyist group, to fight for their cause.

Nothing brings this to light more, than this image of Tim Tebow, who was bashed left and right during College, and into his Professional Career, simply for using the NFL as a platform to talk about his Lord and Savior – MOST felt it was inappropriate; especially those working in the Mainstream Media.

Yet, this same Mainstream Media feels that sports is a Great Platform to talk about Sexual Orientation.

The Mainstream Media is the largest lobbyist group in the nation; and thankfully for those in the homosexual community – the media has their back!

(no pun intended)

*update 5/2/19  – since writing this one, more ‘developments’ in the issue of freedom of speech vs. freedom of expression have emerged.