white america loves black sellouts who support crime fantasies

How Crime Comforts White America At Black People’s Expense

A ted talk, about how white america uses the police for safety at the expense of black people’s lives. A break down of the entire process from start to finish, which usually involves race. I for one wish that everything was not about race, but the reality is – most things are. We are the generation that was ‘left’ with a problem most of us did not create. However in order for future generations to not have to deal with these problems, it’s up to us to fix them. Discussing how these matters unfold is important, if we are to undo the damages of racism.

If you are to argue that White America has not benefited from Racism, you’re entirely dishonest. Dishonesty will not fix the multitude of problems that racism creates.

While the example given talks about a black experience of being pulled over, by police in a white neighborhood …. other examples are given as well. From blacks trying to enjoy the day off at the park with a bbq, to a black girl selling water, black life is always interrupted.  The root cause, nearly every time, is racism on behalf of white citizens.

This was really good.

I like how he used the slides to really break this issue down;

I also often talk about how “It’s not about who you date; or marry; but what you DO”. Some time ago I asked our readers, Can you be pro-black and date interracially?  As we can see, this brotha is still very much aware of who he is in relation to White America; and is using whatever platform he can to challenge the system. He’s working towards changes to improve life for us all, as blacks have traditionally done in this country.

This is a stark contrast from the Ben Carsons and Omarosas of the world; — At no point in time do they EVER challenge white people to change how their white society functions ….. (Both of them married black; more evidence to my theory that most coons stick together…. ) it’s like they link up with one another so they won’t be ‘alone’ – and hate being black together!

Their disdain for themselves, and other black people is their common ‘bond’ ….

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The Full Ted Talk from Baratunde Thurston, which also goes into topics we have dissed here on SoPoCo is below…

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While we will find sellout blacks who hate themselves ‘and’ date other races; we gotta watch for the sellouts who date within; but still feel the same way, ‘about’ our people. …. imo. They too will call the police on other blacks, knowing full well what those risks could be. Simply put, living in a society like this damages the psyche of black people.  Often black people will adopt the same negative views, about blacks that white Americans have. This reinforces the cycle of belief, and is how crime comforts white America. The ‘rates’ make it really seem as if their police forces are simply, doing their jobs.  None of them feel bad about calling the police on blacks who are engaged in the most mundane activities.

Afterall there is always a Jesse Lee, Candace Owens or a Omarosa, to reassure them, that none of them are racist! Blacks are just misbehaving as usual. Thank god for the Police …. and it’s all that white folks need to keep doing what isn’t working for society.