Dear Extra Woke black Folks 4th and Juneteenth

Extra Woke Black Folks on July 4th and Juneteenth

Yes, saw the ‘dear extra woke black folks posts’ – YES those were hilarious; But YES I still celebrated #Juneteenth on the 4th ๐Ÿ™‚ :: I figure … Juneteenth was all about us hearing about our freedom Late … so .. might aswell Celebrate a couple weeks later too. I couldn’t find the photo but, several people wanted to share this message with the extra woke black folks they know too.

๐Ÿ™‚ You’re welcome if you’re still sleep: it’s possible … to do both;

Be woke, Celebrate “on the 4th” .. without, Celebrating the same things as everyone else is, on the 4th; I mean really and truly had my family NOT brought back our family tradition of hosting a Picnic on the 4th, I’d be doing absolutely nothing …. other than enjoying that day off; might hear about someone else’s picnic or whatever;

But anyone who got MAD or UPSET at the 4th … isn’t actually “Woke” .. that’s pretend wokeness;

I saw a video from Tariq Nasheed, titled ‘should black people Celebrate the 4th of July?’ and I did not watch it. I tend to agree, often with his points of view, and can imagine where he went on that one. I’d never call him ‘fake woke’ but sometimes folks like him are pressured into positions to keep your audience where it’s at. Some black people feel that in order to maintain their position of authority with other black people, they cannot be ‘happy’ about any holidays white people enjoy.

Just like we found out about the Emancipation Proclaimation late, why not celebrate Juneteenth Late .. on the 4th of July?

We all know the deal; and we know the scoreboard; it’s ok if our ancestors were not free on the 4th; we don’t have to celebrate the same thing … similar to Thanksgiving, Celebration should be more than one day a year; especially if you have something To celebrate.ย  It doesn’t have to be the ‘independence of America from England’.

In fact, Black people really SHOULD use this holiday “To be more Woke” than many of us are.

Use the fact that our ancestors were not free on this day, so the kids will know our history in this nation. Instill in them, and the adults, the seriousness of sticking together, working and building wealth together, so maintain freedom. Also why not highlight all the ways that the system is still the same, so our families will know how to overcome.ย  If we never have these discussions, especially when we are with our families, how can we ever truly tackle the beast that continues to oppress black life?

When you and others are working towards overcoming, then, those 4th of July ‘celebrations’ truly become something TO celebrate!!

It’s ok to live to the beat of your own drum … The forces of sleepness are strong out here; none want you and I to wake up; but … please … wake up. Wake as many as you can, while doing so, in a spirit of celebration!

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