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The Cat In The Truth About Facebook (Needs More Views)

The Truth About Facebook, explained to you by a nice non threatening cat … literally. It’s probably one of those videos that, at first, you may not even think is all that serious. Then you start to realize, it may be one of the most serious videos on YouTube, right now. If you want to ‘save’ this movie, go ahead, as you never know what ‘may’ happen. I know for one, it needs more views. As of today, it’s sitting at around 10k views. Here at SoPoCo we have written about other videos, that also needed more views, and ‘might’ have helped out with the Truth About The Matrix.

If The Truth about Facebook video can also get some of that love …

The actual comment section as well, is highly recommended reading. Several people all share similar opinions, and experiences. For quite some time now, the truth about facebook, as is presented in this video, using all sorts of ‘leaks’ from Edward Snowden and Julian Asange, has been rumored. Perhaps because of those ‘leaks’, whether you believe their sources are credible or not. Folks call it ‘fedBook’, and say Mark works for the CIA.

The ‘sad reality’ is what is happening with facebook is also occurring with other social media platforms. Twitter, although is an option, isn’t that much better of an option. Microphones are everywhere and we are living in an awesome time of data mining. Our information is being sold off to companies who are making huge profits, as we are more and more distracted by advertising and the pull of consumption.  So much of this was ushered in by the Patriot Act, following the attacks of September 11th. Under the guise of keeping us ‘safe’, we have given up all of our privacy.

So the truth about facebook, is almost anything they are unable to get already, we tend to connect the missing pieces ourselves. They know who’s relate to us, who our friends are, and who we talk to most often. Depending on whether or not you believe facebook ‘is’ an arm of the government, the fact is they could easily just be an ‘independent partner’.  Perhaps it’s all worth it, and we are being kept safe. Sadly, unarmed black men and women continue to be gunned down in the streets, at the hands of police.

The ‘real terrorist’, it would seem are the white men and women, who’ve always terrorized America.