Shaun King Coverage Over Fox, CNN, MSNBC News

A lot of black people do not like Shaun King; but I have no issue with the guy; folks are mad at him because he’s really a white dude. That’s the dumbest reason to dislike someone; makes you just like the ‘enemies’ of black people; It’s one thing to call out those who are actually racist and working against us; it’s another to reject all white people simply because they are white; Folks ignore that he’s married to a black woman, and that they are rearing Black children, in a world, such as this…..

A world where He covers the ‘news’ that Major news outlets are not covering…


They’re not talking about all the black men who are in prison for crimes they did NOT commit; how taking them away from their families, impacts their families!! Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, all ignore stories like these; they ignore what is happening to OUR people ….. but not Shaun King.

More of you need to show this man some respect; he’s putting in work, spreading awareness, and doing what he can to bring about change – folks like him need helpers, not criticizers; also shout outs to the innocence project, and others who help work to right the wrongs of society.

But that stories like this are NOT on main stream news, MOST people who listen to those outlets, are unaware that Police actually Do set black people up; and put blacks in jail who DO NOT belong in prison ….

What Fox, and Ben Shapiro, and other white supremacist do, is tell Their audiences that Blacks have the highest % of crimes per capita; which then Justifies police being afraid for their lives; making it ok when they murder someone black … because blacks are criminals (that’s the argument) — Below are ‘supporters’ and followers of Ben Shapiro on Twitter, who spout these hateful ideas about black people all the time. NO matter how often they are pointed out how wrong they are, they ‘muddy the waters’ and move the goal post, to be right.

and here is a response to Ben Shapiro, getting his audience riled up about how the Jussie Smolette situation went … of all people.

You won’t find any ‘tweets’ from Ben Shapiro talking about the criminal justice system doing the Central Park 5 wrong. His tweets about #WhenTheySeeUs … not found.

“Ben did not respond to these tweets”

When the “TRUTH” is …. a high % of blacks in Jail; have not committed crimes; at all; which leaves “real criminals” Free to commit even more crime.

Truth is blacks are no more inherently criminal than are whites; or any other race.  But when every ‘trusted news source‘ these folks watch (including black people who go along with the bullshit) – is telling you a bold faced lie …. what are these folks to believe?

This is why more of you need to listen when Shaun King is talking – more of you need to look into what he’s uncovering about our system that mainstream outlets won’t show you; That being said, I feel the same way about Tariq Nasheed as well. However, Tariq calls Shaun King names;

He thinks he’s up to something and is about to betray us; I see him putting in too much work to go the other way.

I have been wrong before however ….

I thought Boyce Watkins was the truth, until I realized he was just regurgitating what was known. That’s actually why I liked him, he was saying a lot of things I was saying when it came to black people and finances.  I was also wrong about Dr. Umar Johnson, until it became obvious there were no real plans to build a school … FOR BOYS …. There are so many people scamming us, even from within. So I can get why black people are slow to trust the white Shaun King.

PTSD is real out here …. glad Mr. Finch is free; Shame the system took his entire life away though; NO paycheck can make it right — his entire LIFE … ruined …. #BlackLivesMatter

More from Shaun King on Facebook :: discussing the case of Charles Ray Finch …

Also be sure to check out this Episode from “The Breakdown” … a podcast from Shaun King; here is yet another example of him putting in work, to change ‘laws’ in our criminal justice system. “Let’s Pass This Law Together”…. 

I salute this brotha, for the work he is doing. Shaun King is shining bright lights on topics that Fox News, and even stations that are supposed to be more ‘fair’ like CNN and MSNBC ignore.  I say ll the time, white people are the only ones who can end racism. He uses his privilege to end the massive inequality in our nation, built on a foundation of hate filled racism. This nation needs more of that …. much more.