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War On Misinformation: Social Censorship

Social Media’s War On Misinformation. Excellent stuff from Bill on this; he’s been off (target) on a lot of stuff lately but he’s right on the money here. Fresh from the news of Elon Musk buying Twitter to ‘save free speech’, Bill questions why free speech, isn’t free to begin with, on social media platforms.   You and I should be able to discuss what we want, and so what if you or I read something that others don’t like. (Like the comment section of SoPoCo.net when the racist white people drop in, and vent… )

It’s not Social media’s job to tell us what is true or not; that’s Our job; the censorship on these platforms is out of hand – some things ‘should’ be censored but, the stuff we’re getting dinged for, just does not make sense ….

Lies have always been part of the human experience; and Bill talks about how there have been previous efforts to censor what is ‘said’ – or written & distributed – at the end of the day, ‘we’ need to do better at learning how to tell what’s real and what is fake. He mentions a Pope in the 1400’s who tried to stop the printing press. Also, Bill Maher says that people need to learn how to use google for more than looking up porn.

And, he’s right – but it’s amazing how many people get offended at being told to google something …

We’re not all supposed to function like dumb blondes that believe everything we hear … – Bill Maher

From personal observation, I have noticed that a lot of people actually do struggle with using search engines. Lots of people don’t seem to know what to type into them. It’s as if they figure it cannot be as simple, as typing in, what you’re looking for.  But, that’s exactly how it works.  Search engines are capable of finding just about any ‘string of text’ on the internet.

So if you see a story on a social media platform, that does not mean you need to automatically believe it.


It’s too bad we live in a time where that statement even needs to be typed, or said – as Bill Maher speaks on from his latest episode of Real Time. Michelle Tafoya was one of his guests and I may link the ‘full show’ below.  That way you’ll get the full context of where this conversation on the Misinformation age comes from. 

We all have to learn to ask better questions.   A little bit of cynicism can be healthy.

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