the game of politics and economics

The Game of Politics and Economics

Getting into the game of politics here on Inauguration day, 2021.  I saw lots of excitement on my social media TL today; and I am happy for all who are happy – however, we have so much work to do; Unfortunately a lot of black people just don’t understand the game.

It’s not our faults; We don’t understand the game because we were not taught the game; Our parents didn’t understand it; they were not taught the game, b/c our Grandparents didn’t fully understand the game; They were never taught by our Great Grandparents, who also, never learned the game – as their parents, our great great grandparents – were either Slaves or children of Slaves.

The Game of Politics is about Economics.

These people who took power today, have already openly stated they have zero plans to do anything for black People; Joe is about to let 11 Million illegal immigrants into the country which directly harms black people; as these immigrants will compete for jobs and resources DIRECTLY With black people — who do not understand the game.

Other communities will be GIVEN Help; Assisted in competing with us, while we are continually forced to get it out the mud … on our own; Denied assistance; turned down for grants, turned down for loans; NOT given call backs for employment — as other groups are constantly pushed ahead of us; That’s the game … and we don’t understand it.

You see, money talks in America – Money = Lobbyist paying politicians to make laws, that benefit the groups they Lobby for.

We have no black lobbies, lobbying for black people; No organized group is in Washington paying politicians to pass reparations. We have no black lobbyists, Paying Politicians to Reform Police Departments, and create Laws that Imprison Police who murder black people. Black people do not understand the game;

We think voting, alone, will solve our problems because, we don’t understand the game. We’re not using money from Jobs, to invest in stocks, crypto, real estate, or in starting businesses of our own; so that we can be independent of those jobs, grow wealth, combine wealth with others to build stronger communities, that eventually will produce the Lobbyists we need — because We do not understand this game.

It wasn’t taught to us at home; so a post on facebook won’t do it. People making videos on YouTube won’t get the message across; countless articles won’t do it; speeches by Malcolm X like the ballot or the bullet, won’t resonate with us; even if Malcolm X said the black man and woman must be Reeducated about American Politics — we still don’t understand, that we need to be reeducated …. because our people were never fully educated … about the game.

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