Wack 100 The Feds: Cointelpro

Wack 100 May Be The Feds: CoIntelPro Continues

Since the unfortunate passing of rapper, and business mogul Nipsey Hussle, Wack 100 has made several suspect statements. We’re not going to go into all of them however, I do want to deal with a few of his most recent comments. The comments he makes, has me wondering if he’s a modern day agent of Cointelpro.

That program never ended, and has continued to stifle progress in the black community. Active ‘agents’ are working on behalf of the U.S. Government, to ensure a ‘black messiah’ never rises.  Always using someone who looks like us, and talks like us, to carry out the mission. We actually are not suspicious enough of the people in our communities, who continue to lead us down negative paths.

Wack 100 is one of those people – very much so –

He recently got into it, with Brother Ben X, over the Million Man March, and whether or not the Nation of Islam is scheming.  It’s one of the most ignorant sound bytes you’ll ever hear.  In the audio, he admits a few times, that “Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough” …

Yea motha fucka you didn’t. Brother Ben X, handled himself pretty well, and continues to be a great example for the N.O.I.  For any black men who are considering whether or not, the nation is a positive force, Brother Ben X, 19 Keys, and several others are showing the proof. I’m not here to advocate for joining the N.O.I., cause personally I’m unsure about how that Malcolm X situation unfolded.

According to the documentary on Netflix, “Who Killed Malcolm X”, it would seem that the nation was fully aware of everything. All the way down to who pulled the trigger, and apparently – signed off on the assassination cause Malcolm was bad talking their leader.  Once again, not saying this is what happened but that is what that documentary suggests. That being said, it was a long time ago, and their track record since, has been pretty unquestionable.

The Nation continues to uplift the black man and challenge him to be the best version of himself, while encouraging black women to also carry themselves with decency and self respect.

So, of course, a low life motha fucka like Wack 100 is going to have a problem with that. Like the agent he seems to be, he’s throwing shots, and attempting to leave chinks in the armor.

Here is the audio Brother Ben X shared to his Instagram the other day –

Again, Wack 100 gives me reason to believe, he is an agent of the government.   For those who don’t know, Brotha Ben X has been heading a movement to buy land for a community he and others are forming. In the course of this conversation, Wack 100 is asking where all the money went, from the Million Man March. He flat out accuses the nation of stealing that money, and does not listen to the actual ‘purpose’ of that march, which happened way back in 1995.

Wack 100 had wack energy from the very start of this call.

He questions if Brother Ben is ‘following’ some page; and you can tell from jump that he’s fishing for a problem. He asks if the project Ben is working on, is only for NOI – hoping to get a yes, so he can say something negative.  When he finds out they are working with everyone, he moves to asking if it’s black money only, or can non blacks get involved. This too, is problematic thinking on behalf of what looks more and more like an obvious federal agent.

Of course, Ben says the goal is to work with black only, to help ourselves first before we help others. This is a major problem the black community has, that was put into the black community by white people. Whites know if we circulate our dollars, look out for each other, we have the power to overcome their systems of oppression.  So they always make it a problem, when ever black people want to take care of black people. As do their agents …

It’s never a problem for Jews to do business with Jews only; or for Asians to conduct business with other Asians. However when a black person talks about doing business with black people, focusing on helping black people, there is always an objection, from someone white – or an ‘agent’ of white society. Blacks like Wack 100 are willing to do the dirty work of white people, in exchange for benefits. Most of the ‘agents’ of white supremacy are financially taken care of, until they are no longer needed.

Pay attention and wait for it – eventually his ‘time’ will run out; and they will discard their ‘tool’.

One of the missions Nipsey was on while he was alive, was unification of bloods and crips. He wanted to see street gangs end the violence with one another and turn that energy towards positive endeavors, around entrepreneurship.  This is most likely what got him killed, cause Cointelpro cannot have that.  It’s also why Wack 100 was talking negatively about that Million Man March, which was not a fundraiser. There was no money to be ‘spent’ on the things Wack was talking about ‘should’ have come out of that march. It was a march, about Unity.

Getting black people to unite, has been a arduous task, cause there are so many factors actively working against it. Black unity must put real serious fear in the hearts of racist white people, cause anytime they see a glimpse of it, they start to get ancy.  So these agents continue to be used, to help keep that from happening – just as we explored in this article about the history of government involvement, in the gangs of Los Angeles. 

All the signs are there, when it comes to Wack 100.  Any rap artist being managed by him, should seek for a way out of that contract immediately. Eventually, like kall other ‘tools’ of white supremacy, they will get rid of him. He’s evidence walking around, and as loud as he is, most likely even he won’t see it coming.