Hispanics Taking Jobs starts with Management

Are Hispanics Taking Jobs From Blacks In Los Angeles?

This is going to be a hotly debated conversation folks. Hold on tightly. Let’s discuss this together. Are Hispanics taking jobs from Blacks in Los Angeles? Not sure where you are as you read this but, this is a topic that’s been raging for years in the L.A. area. With the ‘rise of Trump‘, the illegal immigration conversation has gotten louder. In fact it’s so loud now, that GOP members want a wall built, they want ICE to continue their raids and they want all illegals out.

Why now?

I read a story this morning from the L.A. Sentinel – about a black woman’s recent encounter at an IHOP.

She noticed, what a lot of blacks notice while going out to eat in the L.A. area. Not many blacks are employed. She goes on to tell the story of how she asked ‘where the black people at?’ … in a much more eloquent manner.  She was then told they have a total of 4 black employees, who worked in the morning shift. The manager of that location told her, they would hire more blacks if only they applied for a job.  In a nutshell, she was told blacks just don’t want to work.

But then she began to wonder if something else was going on.

Black People on IHOP reciept
Remember when a black couple at IHOP reported on racism they experienced, when their server put ‘black people’ on the receipt? That was in Austin, Texas

She noticed, what a lot of us who frequent places to eat in L.A. notice. The nearly all Hispanic staff was speaking Spanish to one another. About 20 years ago, the residents of L.A. were told that in the future, you’ll need to be bilingual to get a job. Naturally a lot of blacks didn’t like hearing that, but the issue was largely ignored. Now, several years later and after the Hispanic population has exploded so many of the things white society ignored (because it wasn’t harming them) is coming back to haunt them.

You see, while this is a story about what happens in L.A. – I’m willing to venture this issue is starting to happen in white communities (nationwide) too. Not only are Hispanics taking jobs from blacks in Los Angeles; they are taking jobs from whites now, also.

The ‘pattern’ was pointed out to me by my own father several years ago. So I’ve always noticed this myself! Seemingly when a Hispanic person is moved into management, they stop hiring blacks.  I say seemingly, because we (the black community of Los Angeles) have seen this occur over, and over again. It’s a pattern.

Blacks have been dealing with this for a long time and recently there have been some News Stories about this as well.

Again, those are just some ‘recent’ cases, that show this pattern is not only happening in L.A. but around the nation.

Black people, who have been complaining about this for more than 15 years, have mostly been ignored by white society.  There are almost no mainstream outlets discussing, whether or not Hispanics taking jobs away from black people in L.A., impacts black unemployment.  Black people know this is the case, but their concerns are usually cast aside.

The same issue has happened with education. As Hispanics have literally moved black people out of the schools they used to attend. High Schools in Los Angeles that historically were predominantly black, today are now mostly Hispanic. Many will chalk that up to simply the changing demographic of the neighborhoods. That’s mostly true. What people leave out, and glance over, is that many blacks have been Run OUT of their neighborhoods.  Blacks unable to find work, not getting along with others in school, or being threatened with violence have all contributed.

As I write this, I don’t want to sound like Donald Trump, who makes wild blanket statements about entire groups of people.

Just as not all white people are evil racists, all Hispanics aren’t here to run black people out of the city. However, to pretend there aren’t factors within both of these ethnic groups, who make it their sole purpose in life to harass and terrorize blacks, is irresponsible of us all. Just as I’ve stated only white people can end racism; Only Hispanics can reason with their brothers and sisters, about how they treat the African American community.

Several years ago a great article was written by a local Hispanic L.A. Times writer. It was a sharp tongued lashing to his community, reminding them they would not be as ‘free’ in America today, if it were not for the sacrifices of African Americans. I can’t find ‘that’ specific article at this time. However, a different article, from 10 years ago written by Earl Ofari Hutchinson further confirms why I felt a need to write this today.  After reading the experience in IHOP from Jasmyne A. Cannick, a black radio commentator in L.A. – clearly not much has changed.

Here is what Earl Ofari Hutchinson said in 2007:

“Animosity between Latinos and blacks is the worst-kept secret in race relations in America. For years, Latino leaders have pointed the finger of blame at blacks when Latinos are robbed, beaten and even murdered. Blacks, in turn, have blamed Latinos for taking jobs, for colonizing neighborhoods, for gang violence.

These days, the tension between the races is noticeable not only in prison life and in gang warfare (where it’s been a staple of life for decades) but in politics, in schools, in housing, in the immigration debate. Conflicts today are just as likely — in some cases, more likely — to be between blacks and Latinos as between blacks and whites. In fact, even though hate-crime laws were originally created to combat crimes by whites against minority groups, the majority of L.A. County’s hate crimes against blacks in 2006 were suspected to have been committed by Latinos, and vice versa, according to the county Commission on Human Relations.” – The Black – Latino Blame Game, 2007

This ‘idea’ that Black people don’t want to work, is so popular from whites, that Hispanics adopted it too.

I still remember Vicente Fox saying Hispanics do the jobs that not even blacks are willing to do.  He flat out admitted to Hispanics taking jobs away. In fact, you should take a moment to read this re-cap from 2005, by the Seattle Times about how Fox’s comments reflect Mexico’s attitude about Race. Specifically, that’s how they feel about black people, who aren’t even counted in their census (in Mexico).

In the official census, Mexicans of African descent are not even counted as a distinct group. White Mexicans dominate TV programs and advertising. Most politicians have light-brown skin or are white like Fox, whose mother is from Spain.  “Racism is very deeply ingrained here, but no one accepts [that fact],” said Sergio Aguayo, a longtime human-rights activist. “What Fox said was part of the language of all Mexicans. The paradigm of beauty is white skin and blue eyes.”

Again, not all are racist, but the ones who are have wholly embraced white viewpoints (i.e. Hispanic Trump Supporters) Hispanics Taking  jobs and not Seeking to hire Blacks is not an accident…

Instead of discussing if Hispanics taking jobs hurts the black community, the talking point has been blacks are just lazy!

They often employ tactics that harm black people, and then say ‘see, that’s how black people are!’, just like white supremacists do. Neither acknowledge the problems created for blacks by non-black people. Instead, they want to talk about the problems black people are ‘in’, not who put them there.  What many sell outs find, and they will too, is the white man won’t let you do that to him.

Hispanics taking jobs from blacks in L.A. and around the nation is okay. The moment it starts to impact whites, is the moment they rally – which we have seen.  All of these non-white groups have decided to fight with one another, and not stick together. They have been fooled into thinking that they are equal with whites. All of these factors contribute to where we are today.

White groups are loudly seeking to remind the rest of us who is in charge.