Black Avengers Assemble

The Black Avengers Assemble: Tariq, Prof. Black Truth, TBA

This was quite possibly one of the blackest conversations to take place in 2019. I am thankful my ears were blessed by it. Someone in the comment said, ‘The Black Avengers Assemble”. That’s what this was like, when Tariq Nasheed had The Black Authority (TBA) and Professor Black Truth BOTH call in, to discuss the political landscape heading into 2020. Several important topics are addressed here, including the recognition of the influence New Black media is having.

Is the Old Guard of black media Afraid of The Black Avengers?

As usual you ‘might’ have to watch this On Tariq’s channel. he tends to disable embedding on other people’s websites.  I get it though, as he and others take on white supremacy ‘for the people’, and not for profits. This means a lot of trolls come out, to ‘try’ and stop the conversation. The attempt to shut down discourse, is an old tactic that sadly works more often than it should. Jokingly calling these brothers The Black Avengers, almost fits, as so much of the injustice we see needs to be confronted.

In the audience is Yvette Carnell, who gets a shout out near the end. She’s also been helping with the ‘discourse’ around politics for black people. Her and Tone Talks, have been leading a discussion on American Descendants of Slaves (or ADOS). Joy Ann Reid, recently inaccurately called the ‘movement’ nothing more than Russian Bots.  That is what makes these discussions so important, as now, several informed black voters are ‘assembling’ to push back, letting everyone know, the DOS movement is real.

This is the most important thing black people can do going forward, and that’s to get organized. Black people must understand ‘how’ to go about getting the things from America, that have been promised.  Being more involved in the ‘game’ is the only way to make sure the game treats black people right. Professor Black Truth and TBA shine, as they chime in on all these pertinent topics.

It’s mostly about controlling the narrative, and that’s what we are doing – Professor Black Truth

The Black Authority also made sure to remind listeners, no progress politically is possible without economic growth.  This is a point of contention often, that eventually black people must come to an agreement on. There is also the real discussion of whether or not a black and brown coalition is possible.

They hit on how new black media has had an early impact, on the campaign of Kamala Harris.  Black voters are going to be much more informed on all of these matters moving forward. Together asking for tangibles, in 2020, black voters are looking to who will meet black needs, and not ‘all people’s needs’….

Will the Black Avengers prevail? …stay tuned.

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