Obama Should Have Done More for Black People; Or Was he Blocked?

Obama Should Have Done More For Black People: Was He Blocked

Barack Obama should have done more for black people. This ‘argument’ has gotten much louder in the last few years, since he has exited the white house, more than 5 years ago, today.  While in office, several will argue, that Obama was one of the more successful presidents, the United States has had. However, regardless of how much good that meant for the nation as a whole, in everything from a highly functioning economy, to almost all levels of society moving in a positive direction, what does any of that mean for Black People.

As usual, still, black people continue getting ‘the least’ of the American feast.

This bothers black people and it should. Black Americans have never gotten their ‘just due’ in this nation. The weekend we are in now, marks the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, also known as the Black Wall Street Massacre. What happened in Tulsa, in 1921, also happened in several other towns just like it. Black people had ‘pulled themselves up’ by their literal bootstraps, and had created several flourishing towns. Black people had land, housing, businesses, education – centers where black life could grow but white people couldn’t stand it!

Just as whites today, often resent Black athletes for making millions of dollars, but have no issue with the owners, who make far more than what they pay their players.

White people just, never want to see black people have anything.

Keeping this in mind, when Obama said recently that he would have done more for black people, but there were Institutional Constraints, was he telling the truth? Or was that just another excuse?

Check out the ‘full context’ of his statement, that came during an interview for “My Brothers Keeper”

(starts at the 28:00 mark, in case the video does not play from there)

If you actually do listen to this interview, in context, you’ll see his Quote was taken out of context.

Basically, he was speaking on trying to allow his people to do their jobs. While president, his administration did ‘begin’ looking into state and local police departments, much closer than any president before. All of that was relaxed, immediately, when Trump got into office. Obama talks about many of the ‘reform’ that he wanted, but – ‘the legislature was opposed’.

Politics is three branches, and as we also speak about ‘this weekend’, what it means historically, The Legislature decided NOT to look into the white people who stormed the capital on January 6th. 

Obama is right, that we’re not having the right discussions, in terms of really thinking about who we are electing TO those positions in State and Federal Congressional, legislative levels. Many of us are just not being honest about that. Just why is Mitch McConnel still in power? There are so many of these people who should not be in Washington, if we really want progress as a society.

It’s much easier to just, blame Obama for not doing enough, than it is to admit ‘we’ are not involved in politics enough.

We’re not doing the basic things we all MUST DO, to make America work in our favor. Many of you will read this and won’t leave any comments. You won’t share it with others, or discuss whether or not Obama made any valid points.  You’ll just repeat what others tell you to ‘think’ about what was said.  Many black people just lack the belief, that things can get better, and so that stops them from putting for the effort that is required.

We won’t invest the ‘time’ to tackle the problems we are facing … but I get why that is.

The problems we are facing, also includes tackling racism.  That’s what those ‘white allies’ are supposed to bear the brunt of the work on.  Most are not. They hit a few marches up, made a few posts, but, as studies have shown, many white people have gone back to their routines, of ‘ignoring’ white people and their racism.

Meanwhile, too many sellout toms buck dancing for massa … are loudly stopping any attempt to bring about true equality in this society.  Black people are facing, a lot. 

One of the more ‘ironic’ things that stands out to me, about the reaction to Obama’s statement, is the context. It came, on a call, for My Brother’s Keeper, a program Obama started during his presidency, to specifically address the needs of inner city, at risk youth. The future of black America, getting enrolled in programs that organize, educate, and build black men up. All while black people say, that Obama should have done more for black people.  The conversation about ‘New Life” and what it’s doing for these young men, is pretty incredible to listen to.

Perhaps more people should be HELPING Obama do more for black people ….

Building has to happen on both ends. Black people must build ourselves ‘back up’ in spite of all that has beat us down. I know, it’s tiresome to keep having to do it and yet, that is what the youth are for. We must continue to invest in them, and see to it that tomorrow is brighter than today.  How many of the black people criticizing him for not writing an executive order, or not passing bills specifically for black people, are talking about the programs like this?

No praise for the good he did do. Also, no accountability for not delivering him the kind of legislative support needed, to do … more.

I posted a rant on my social media that I’ll share below.  It’s what inspired this ‘submission’ today.

I’m not here to say Obama was perfect, but solving these issues takes so much more, than relying on one man to do it.

Social Media Rant: Obama said he would’ve done more for black people if it wasn’t for all the “Institutional Constraints” …….. aka white Supremacy.
Saw several black people respond with “Yea right Obama! you did all that stuff for Immigrants and the LGBQT tho!!!” ….
🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽 Dear Black People ………….
Those Institutional Constraints are NOT against Immigrants or LGBQT people….. they are against Black People …………..
I swear y’all are working my nerves 🙂
Those Institutional Constraints are NOT against protecting Asians; they ARE against protecting black people though.
This is one of several problems created by us going around telling one another that we are NOT VICTIMS – we fail to see the threat against us, and actually think it’s other black people; instead of the white supremacist systems that put us in Bad situations, all the time.
We fail to see all the forces working against us, and just think well if a black man becomes President, then that’s all; he’ll fix all these problems; all because we fail to understand what ALL THESE Problems even are.
Even when that black President comes out and says, I wanted to do more but I couldn’t; there were Forces working against me! …. WE respond with “yea right!!” .. .. because not nearly enough of us, realize, we are NOT free in this mf country. Slavery evolved; The only way to overcome all this shit is through … ECONOMICS … .
BUT we not taking none of those discussion seriously; because we do not Realize the Threat – we don’t understand that remaining as WORKERS and not becoming ‘actual’ Bosses; we are allowing white supremacy to continue DOWNING our people –
Take these economic discussions more serious please; b/c if y’all really understood POLITICS you’d know how important economics are. yes, def. bothered with where too many of my people are, after spending nearly 25 years of my OWN life trying to help as many of us move to a different level as possible; I’m worn out tho ….