Fix White Culture asap - punk mf with police in Buffalo after killing 10 innocent unarmed black people

Gun Laws Won’t Fix White Culture: The Real Problem

White Culture is the real problem, and until white people fix their culture, nothing will change. Many white people will read that opening statement and find offense. They will say I’m being a racist or a race baiter, and you must understand, that is how whites avoid addressing the problem.  They call people names, insult them, and it’s all providing cover for white people to do NOTHING about themselves.  White Culture is nothing but destructive, even if occasionally it builds or creates something new. Which is very rare as, MOST ‘inventions’ within white culture are often stolen from non white people.  (appropriation) ….

Overall, for the most part, white people are learning and teaching hate to each new generation, and that must stop.

On Saturday, May 14 2022, a racist white terrorist shot up a neighborhood grocery store, filled with black people.  He wrote the word “Nigger” on his AR-15, and had social media posts linked to his hate of black people. Also, the white terrorist had already threatened to shoot blacks at his high school, police knew about him, and yet … nothing was done.  On this terrible day, he broadcasted the stream live, people watched as he did it.  Of course, Police arrested him without killing him, and he’s plead Not Guilty to 25 charges.

Why did this happen?

Because, he’s white, and white people do not take this seriously … at all.

We have discussed the ‘trolling white supremacy’ issue in America before. To clear a few things up, we do not believe that white people are supreme. Also, most ‘white supremacists’ also know, that they are not supreme, which tends to be the main reason for their actions.  The reason they, band together, and work together to terrorize, oppress, and harm black people is cause they are afraid of black people. Most of them ‘feel’ inferior to black people, especially when it comes to the Penis.

Listen, I hate that it’s the argument as well, but, it is, what it is. Unfortunately even this, is juvenile as fuck.

Ultimately that is what it comes down to, a feeling of being unable to compete with the black man, sexually. This prompts a response of constant attack upon black males, using every ‘tool’ at their disposal. They use the police, the law, our legal system, several Media outlets, television and movies, to push and promote negative narratives about black men. Narratives are crafted which help ‘shape‘ white culture, in how they identify with black people in ‘their society’.

Since they cannot compete with black men sexually, they’ve sought to dominate the black man in every other area of existence, especially financially.

Whites seek to have a better everything, than black people, and more of everything too. White culture embraces the violence, and any means necessary to accomplish their goals, mentality.  Within white culture, violence is even often presented as humorous. In films like Child’s Play, or Nightmare on Elm Street, the violent killers crack jokes throughout. Most recently, films like Deadpool, and shows like The Boys, use ‘humor’ mixed with violence.

Rooted in violence towards black people, their violence often spills over into them harming others, including one another. White culture is problematic and needs drastic changes, soon.

Again, many whites will call that statement ‘racist’, cause it deflects away from whether or not it’s true.

Is white culture problematic, in general?  Any honest person is going to say, yes.  Many whites will even say, ‘but black on black crime‘ … cause, blacks are violent too right? According to the studies, that would not be the case, however most crime happening within black society is a biproduct of poverty.

That poverty within black America, is usually directly being caused and orchestrated by someone who is white.  Usually it is several white people working together, rarely ever is it just one.  Actively working to cause issues for black people, or actively engaged in Benign Neglect, all the while knowing the outcomes of those decisions.

Cause, those are ‘strategies’ to oppress, dominate and rule over non-whites, being put into play by the ‘ruling party’, if you will.

In  other words, they have it all, and are running it, and yet still feel ‘drawn’ to cause harm, to others, so they can keep it. Not poverty as the root cause, but pure inhumane cruelty.

As Dr. Cres Welsing explained so well, It’s the ‘rage’ they feel from ‘feeling inferior’ driving it all. We cannot fix America until we Fix white culture.