policing blacks vs policing whites

Policing Blacks Versus Policing Whites: How Law Enforcement Fails America

Out the gate I ant to apologize for the long title of this one: Policing Blacks versus Policing Whites: How Law Enforcement Fails America. It’s important to make sure we draw the connection early in this one so you understand the points I am making throughout.  The way Law Enforcement ‘enforces’ the laws of the land, have always put America in a disadvantage. Unfortunately the goal of policing seems to be to create advantages for whites, often at the disadvantage of blacks.

But the reality of what occurs is that all of America suffers.

About 3 years ago, an article was written for SoPoCo by E.D. about How Police Commit Treason on Black People.

The article focused on actual laws on the books that the police are violating daily. If you take into account the findings by the Department of Justice in Baltimore and Ferguson, we see more violations. The recent speeches by Jeff Sessions, speaking to a ‘Anglo-American heritage’ that must not be eroded, are a pattern. It’s evidence that in as much rhetoric of how much America has changed from it’s early beginnings, it clearly has not. If anything it has changed ‘how’ it does what it’s always done.

The image above, in case you did not take time to read it is a better example of what Charles Blow was saying in this tweet about Policing Blacks vs. Policing whites. (In Plain Sight)

Freddie Gray absolutely should be alive today, but he’s not because …. Police are not policing. They’re just violating the rights of black people, for a paycheck.  It’s all rooted in the origins of the police, which as we know were to ‘patrol’ slaves. Laws have always been enforced differently here in America.  There have always been one set of rules for whites and a completely different set for black people. This way of doing things spills over and eventually results in white people losing their lives.

White people are the only ones who can end racism, and yet they fail to make the connection that their fate is tied to black fate.


The failure of white police officers, and white systems of government to go after white supremacist groups, puts everyone in danger. This fringe of white society has been allowed to exist for far too long. After the Civil War instead of burning them all, and hanging all of the traitors, America forgave them. They allowed the whites to live, to rebuild cities, to repopulate, and pass on their ignorant views and ideas.  Several years later, we are facing a huge problem posed to us by white people throughout this nation.

They have put a man in office who does not belong there, in response to a black man being elected. (why whites hate Obama)

Usually, the same people are influencing the global wars that our nation is fighting. They continue to endanger all of humanity, because yes, they have unaddressed mental issues.  They truly believe that their fear based motivations are the right thing to do, to keep ‘white people’ safe. This includes eradicating non whites, or keeping the numbers low. This topic came up in a recent debate between Tariq Nasheed and Jared Taylor.

(The Black Authority broke down the debate in a video that white supremacists have ‘flagged’ – so it can only be seen on YouTube)


It’s all related to the reality that the Police are in fact, an extension of white heritage.

The only reason they exist is to ensure that non white people are imprisoned, so that white people can live in freedom. Naturally there are other ‘arms’ of the system that also contribute to inequality within the nation. The policing of blacks and whites is a huge part of the machine.  Ignoring what white supremacist groups are doing, is only going to lead to more deaths of white people. Sadly they (mostly) do not seem to care about the loss of black life.

Maybe if they realize white lives are endangered too, maybe then they’ll listen and start to care. 

Black people are not ‘more dangerous’ or more prone to violence. The black community is not in need of more policing, but white communities aren’t getting enough! I’m not for taking guns away from people, but if police went after white gangs, they may stop more people from getting hurt. Perhaps the police are part of those white gangs though, which would be a conflict of interest.

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