The I Don't Know Card (Kamala Harris vs Kirstjen Nielsen)

White Supremacy Plays The I Don’t Know Card on Kamala Harris

Playing the I Don’t Know Card is one of the most consistent plays by white supremacy. Most recent example we have seen is when Department of Homeland Security Secretary claimed to ‘not know’ if Norway was mostly white. She knows the demographic of Norway, but is fine with pretending to be ignorant of these facts. She knows stating ‘I don’t know” won’t cause her fellow whites to question her ability to do her job. She’s coasting through life on her white privilege and I just hope the rest of us are taking notes.

Thankfully Senator Kamala Harris is NOT white. The I Don’t Know Card was not good enough here. Below is the entire testimony from Senator Kamala Harris’ channel.

We should know the context of all this by now. However in case anyone finds this that doesn’t, our so-called President referred to Hatii and other African Countries as shithole countries. Meanwhile he asked why we can’t get more people like the people of Norway to come here as imigrants. Comedians have had their way with these comments, as they are beyond asanine.  Norway has a much better nation set up than we have here. There is no reason why people in countries ‘like Norway’ would come here, and those nations are indeed mostly white.

But whenever white supremacy is backed into a corner, they play the I don’t know card.

This is a white supremacist tactic and they all know it. When Donald Trump was asked about the support from the KKK, while running for president he claimed he didn’t know much about them. (See the link below, in case you forgot.)

Then Kamala Harris goes on to ask Kristjen Nielsen (who’s name is clearly Norwegian) about who she is targeting for crimes. Sen. Harris points out how they (DHS) are ignoring the white extremists in this nation, who have carried out some of the most heinous crimes. Most recently, the Las Vegas Shooting, where a white male murdered almost 60 people, injuring hundreds more. After asking if their department would help DACA residents renew their status, Nielsen in a very condescending manner said they would and referred to her website for their policy. So, intelligently, Sen. Kamala Harris pointed out that her website states they will not provide the help, she just claimed they would provide. When asked if Nielsen was aware of what’s on her website (she referred Sen. Harris to), Nielsen plays, the “I don’t know card”. A predictable move, because that’s always the play….

“I would ask you to review the conduct of your agency”  – Senator Kamala Harris

We’ve been covering the “I don’t Know Card” – that white supremacists play when backed into corners.

Update: 2/19/19 – Since we wrote this, a lot has happened. Senator Kamala Harris is now running for President of the United States. Her announcement was not met with the kind of reception she thought. More things came to light about her time as Attorney General in California. It turns out that she was very friendly with the police, and often turned a blind eye to injustices of blacks at their hands. This made black people highly question if this is someone they want to support. In fact, black people are starting to ask this of anyone that wants the black vote.

This is quite the interesting development, indeed!! I don’t know if she’ll succeed, but this is a story to watch!