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School Shootings: Why Gun Laws Won’t Stop Them

Today we’ve had another school shooting, this time in the state of Florida.  It’s been reported that this is the 14th one already in 2018, and we’re just 2 weeks into February. The problem is a problem that has been a problem for far too long. But I’m here to tell you that gun laws won’t stop school shootings anytime soon.  Do we need more laws and more restrictions? Perhaps, but we also need to understand that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If we’re going to talk solutions to School Shootings we are going to have to look deeper than gun laws.  What is going in the ‘mind’ of people that make them turn to a gun, to murder others?  It would be great if guns did not exist, but since they do – they’re bound to cause problems.  The old saying is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Prior to guns, people found other ways to murder others. So this issue again, goes deeper than laws.

school shootings continue in America

We’ve created laws to make racism illegal and yet, people still practice racism.  They find ways to get away with doing what everyone knows is not right. Laws do not legislate the hearts and minds of people. So telling people who can or cannot buy guns, won’t stop folks who want a gun from getting their hands on one. If we are to ever get on top of this issue we must go deep. Unfortunately we are not a nation of deep people.  We are very shallow in almost everything we do, here in the USA.

We over simplify things, including school shootings.

When we’re not over simplifying issues we are arguing over them, ad nauseum.

All our debates are biased – the people who don’t new gun laws or regulations tend to be employed by the Gun industry. They’re either directly employed by the NRA, or are financially tied to the success of gun sales.  None of them seem to care about the human loss that comes with the money they make.  They are in fact, drug dealers of a different kind.  But to be fair, the ones calling for restrictions haven’t thought the problem through.  Let’s say we do start taking guns away from people – eventually – it leaves us defenseless from the bad guys, who often are the Government.

It’s a real quagmire that the ‘gun’ has presented to us.  However, does it help that we ‘also’ live in a society where so many people are not fulfilled? I mean, just what goes into the desire to take another person’s life?  Do people who are happy with themselves and with living, go around and take life away?  For some reason, we are not a nation that seriously concerns ourselves with the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and how failing to feel it, has real impact. Of course, I know that reason is once again tied to the financial motives of the people who make decisions.

While I’d send thoughts and prayers to the families who’ve lost loved ones today in Florida, I know it won’t bring anyone back.

My positive thoughts and hopes won’t stop the next school shootings either. Yet, positive thoughts and being hopeful, is but one solution. It’s needed even if people don’t always respect it’s purpose.  Because the lack of positively in the life of a shooter is often the motive. We need to consider what kind of world we are building, when we refuse to deal with ‘negative spirits’ that hold influence. If we aren’t building a society where its members are happy and fulfilled, these violent outbursts are to be expected.

Laws won’t do anything – that the people are not willing to do first. We have to become better human beings, simply put. We’re not working at that daily, and certainly not in groups. A few individuals here or there, perhaps. It’s not enough, and our society greatly needs more of it. If people are not working to be better, and to make life better for others – the ‘worst’ in us will show it’s face, time and time again.  Mental health issues & Economic issues that impact us all cannot continue to go ignored. We have to take this more seriously than we do.

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