Ruckus Thomas

Why Donald Trump Is A Racist

A really good discussion broke out recently near me, around whether or not Donald Trump is A Racist.

Recently the KKK showed up to the Las Vegas to show their support for Donald Trump in the Republican Primaries held there. Also, more and more articles are coming out about the support that these hate groups which many also consider to be terrorist organizations, are showing for Donald Trump. The question was posed, ‘Is Donald Trump a Racist just because these hate groups are attaching themselves to his campaign?”

To me, the answer is Yes.

donald trump is a racist

It’s pretty obviously yes and I’m going to take just a few moments to explain my position.

When Donald Trump went out of his way, on several occasions to denounce the Black Lives Matter ‘movements’ – which have been bringing attention to the gross inequality in our our Justice system handles black life. Whether the courts are failing to protect black citizens from their police – who more than they should, shoot down black men and women in these streets. These protesters are bringing attention to the connection of this unequal treatment and lack of real care, for the value of black life in this country. So much is exactly the same as it was 50 to 100 years ago.  Much of the pain and anguish inflicted on the black community often comes FROM people who sympathize with the views of the KKK.

These are people with shared values, and shared ideas about black people.

They feel that black people are dangerous and are a real threat to their lives. When they see a black person walking down the street, they experience feelings of disgust and strong disdain. They hate black people and on some level, want to exterminate, or at the very least, have full control over black life.

This battle has been the American experience – it’s the reality of what this nation is. I’m not sure I’d call that a ‘great nation’ – and so when Donald Trump gets up to speak on his goal of making America ‘Great Again’ – you wonder what he means. I’m not alone in that wondering either. Several people have expressed their same concerns. The recent endorsements from the KKK do not make the uneasy feeling so many of us have, any better. To me, everything is adding up to one simple conclusion.

Donald Trump Is a Racist.

If he wasn’t a racist he would Denounce the support of these white hate groups. He’d be as Energetic in his denouncement of these groups as he has been in his efforts to discredit what the black lives matter ‘movement’ is all about.  In fact, the reason that he had no problem with denouncing black lives matter – and anyone speaking out about how blacks are being treated in this nation, in 2016 …. is because he does not Need the black vote. He doesn’t care if he pisses off black people, because he’s not planning on winning with that black vote anyways. He’ll take the blacks who don’t stick with the crowd, who most of the black community would consider to be Toms and Uncle Ruckus types.

Ruckus Thomas

But for some ‘odd reason’, he doesn’t want to lose the white vote. He’s playing the numbers. He’s allowing a hate group that is the source in so many ways, of so much of this lingering hate for black people to ‘seem cool’ and ‘acceptable’ by not speaking against it. He is truly appealing to that dark nature and seemingly, benefiting from the Silent Moderates that Dr. King spoke about in his letter from the Birmingham Jail.  Donald Trump knows they won’t speak up. He knows that he can simply ‘ignore’ what’s going on, and ride that wave to victory.

Because that’s what racism is.

It’s groups of people working together to achieve a common goal.

Domination in this nation is what people are after – those who support Donald Trump. Most of them are racists, and as you’re now seeing – many are also KKK members.

That’s who he appeals to.

That is his base.

Here he is, Pandering….

We all know the Code language – will he speak out against the hate speech from the KKK?

We all know the answer to that. Donald Trump is a racist. In classic racist form he speaks out against blacks – in order to maintain a ‘role of dominance’ for his team. He stays silent about what his team doing, in order to reap the benefits. This game is old, and it’s been going on for so long that it’s obvious who’s playing the game – and who isn’t.  He is playing the game. He wants their support. He wants their votes. He doesn’t care about black people voting for him. He doesn’t need black people to win. He doesn’t need black people to rule. It’s a dangerous mindset that people are considering for the role of the President of these, United States.

But it’s also, all too familiar. 

Donald Trump is a Racist just like Donald Sterling and Tim Conway Jr.

It’s the same script every single time. No need for the debate.