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A ‘You Don’t Have The Answers Sway!’ Moment with Talib Kweli and Don Lemon

You Don’t Have the answers Sway!!

You Don’t Have the Answers!


Ok so, by now you’ve probably heard about and/or seen the Video of Talib Kweli and Don Lemon having ‘a moment’ on Live Television (CNN); the moment happens right after Talib (a very grass roots conscious rapper in the hip hop movement) makes comments about the poor media coverage. This is a point I totally agree with.

Talib Kweli makes a point that the media has not been covering everything or really telling everything. He makes great points, the kind that cannot be allowed on live television. Someone in Don Lemon’s ear makes sure he cuts him off, and does not allow him to make his point. This is a common tactic we see with mass media hosts who have guests on their shows. It’s also a great reminder of what not to do, should you desire to become the kind of host some day.

Unless you end up working for ‘the system’ – which absolutely is built on racism. While it’s true, that this story is so much bigger than ‘race’ – it’s a huge part of it. This is what Talib is trying to get across. He’s taking direct hits at how the media portrays stories. Language is a powerful tool especially with a captive audience watching at home. I love Don Lemon’s point that “we Have to Listen to Each other” – but I also understand he has to keep his job; so when he’s told to Interrupt (cut off) the guest; I understand that too.

Don Lemon says “I’m not trying to cut you off; I just want to address each point as you make it” (paraphrased)

… but, that’s still interrupting. It’s also bad listening – but that’s also part of what our Mass Media wants to teach; it wants to spread this idea, to its audience that it’s ok to cut folks off while they are talking; to inject your thoughts and opinions about what people are saying while they are half way through their point; Listening … is something we need to improve on as a nation. Back to Talib Kweli, he ‘was’ about to make some solid points about the role social media has been playing in the Mike Brown, Ferguson MO story.

Personally I have been getting most of my news about Ferguson from Twitter.

sway i got the answers t shirt ( you ain't got the answers sway! - kanye west)

Following folks like Antonio French – a local Alderman; Chris Hayes, an anchor from MSNBC News; Tremaine Lee, a writer for Huffington Post, a local blog talk radio host India Morel, and also the writer who was locked up for being in McDonalds too long, from the Washington Post, Wesley Lowery – as well as a wide range of local residents who were simply sharing live on the scene news, via the #Ferguson – and That feed had anyone following it, plugged into more live news than anything broadcast on television.

I think that is where Talib Kweli’s anger mostly came from; he wanted to address that and SOON as he gets into it, he’s cut off and Don Lemon wants to “debate” – not Listen to one another. Trust me, I realize Don is hired to do a job; and that is all he is doing – a job on the minds of American people – it’s ok to watch this sort of stuff; but you really want to dig deeper if you want the truth; about almost anything and everything. Just be sure to take it all in; be quite and … Listen.

Shout outs to all the People Tweeting – If it were not for you we wouldn’t know what REALLY Just went down over the past couple of weeks; My hope, is the activists and the community leaders who are stepping up and identifying themselves; Like Talib is doing by Showing up On the Scene to report on what is Actually happening, along with others… I hope they can help all of us get to a positive point; where we move intelligently to improve our position in America.

This conversation, “The Narrative of the Oppressors” that Talib was speaking about is real – and worthy of your/our consideration.

The news is ‘spinning the narrative’ to suggest that the Police were only doing what they did because bottles were thrown at them.

Talib, who was in the crowd, says the Crowd began agitated when the Police lined up, put on riot gear, helmets, shields, bully clubs, machine guns and all.

It’s almost like that moment, when Kanye West was trying to suggest that he has been shut out of the Fashion industry (because of his race/the race of those already running the game). Sway while interviewing West, seemed to be interrupting and questioning the answers Kanye was giving. It’s like, that’s also part of our oppressive system. Using blacks to enforce the methods and tactics of ‘the system’ is an age old trick.  The Trick of using a black man to suggest that racism is no longer a real problem or a real challenge – is one of the most powerful tricks in the bag. Mass Media has always had a real agenda to play it’s part in ‘the system’ – a system built on systems of control.

(a short version of the full interview –)

“We all Slaves! Let me talk if you gonna have me Talk!” – Kanye West

Here’s a sample of what I saw live on Twitter; (special mention to Vine) – a LIVE stream at the time when the Police in Ferguson decided to start firing rubber bullets at the crowd; and tear gasing them too. You will also get a glimpse at what I like to call “new media” – a clear competitive industry to the Mainstream; a point of view that the Big guys do not want to use their technology to credit. They really could have had more people using twitter and putting content on Vine; like others were doing. Instead they are choosing to stick to their ‘old ways’ – and the ‘old tricks’ – don’t be fooled by the Magic Show. Below – real uncut truth.