Spike Lee Comments on What Black America Watches

The neverending story of what came first…

The chicken or the egg?

What does Black America Want to Watch?

This is a question that begs to be asked. Spike Lee made some interesting comments about a reality that has plagued the black community for generations. That reality is, Imagery Impacts –

In the wake of what happened in Sanford Florida, more and more of the black community is seriously thinking more about what Can We Do.

Clearly Something Must be done about the Imagery …. In the above Clip Spike Lee refers to “Sleep and Eat”; from his movie Bamboozled (which is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen… hands down.) If you have not seen this movie go out and watch it immediately. That way you’ll truly understand the perspective that Spike Lee has on this issue. It’s not like that was the first time he ever said anything about it … long before Tyler Perry rose to the fame he now holds, Spike Lee was out in front of this issue.

Going all the way back to movies like School Daze, Spike Lee has always attacked several of the ‘ideas’ in our modern American culture; and specifically dealt with huge issues within the Black Culture of America; which is inherent of Slave Culture and the Oppressed Black Culture that followed. Imagery has a huge impact – and the way it has been used to target black people and invoke feelings in them, clearly shows the Chess Game that is in play …

Tyler Perry … I saw the video where he Sent Spike Lee “Straight to Hell” … lol, and it’s a real shame when you think about it. What Spike Lee is talking about is controversial especially because there are black people who buy into the stereotypes. They do not care about the Impact the Images will have on the black community at large. So they’ll do it, for the money – they’ll do it for the immediate satisfaction that comes from allowing themselves, to be bought.

Pictured here …. Sleep & Eat, and Mantan from Spike Lee’s movie, Bamboozled.

Two homeless street performers who dance outside of a studio where television shows are written, produced and filmed.

One day, they’re hired seemingly out of no where for a chance to star in a t.v. show, that is extremely offensive to black people….

However, these guys were homeless – and now they’ve been given apartments, clothes – they now have some where to sleep at night.

In spite of the fact that the show they’re making is overtly offensive to black people; they’re so happy about not having to sleep on the streets that they overlook what they’re doing; at first. I don’t want to give too much more away – but this film from Spike Lee is not far at all from what really happens to black ‘celebrities’ who have been paid to “coon and bafoon” as Spike Lee put it.

They come from conditions that are so bad, and so lacking – that they jump at the chance to make life better for themselves; and their families;

Who Can Blame Them, Right?


This image was floating around my facebook newsfeed, and I gravitated to it.

This is the truth.

What hip hop ‘used to be’, compared to what it is today now that it’s commercialized and popular – really and truly silences anyone Black, with something to say. It makes a lot of room for those who are black; and have Nothing to say – and creates a culture of black people with nothing to say; no aspirations; no goals; no drive to accomplish anything of substance – almost entirely in a Zone; like a zombie – and perhaps that was the plan all along….

Listen to what KRS was talking about; and then imagine what kind of black people we’d have in America today if they were actually taking the time to learn about their Real history; and finding the Inspiration to Do things – be Great – and continue the Legacy…


Clearly, this kind of rap music had to be stopped – at least that’s how it seems.

I think that this kind of music would have caused too many people to wake up; not just black Americans – it’s much better to sell and market a different kind of message to the masses. KRS One is not a millionaire. You won’t see him throwing money everywhere. They won’t pay him to spread this kind of information. The people in position to distribute music; choose to put a different message out there.

So, again we must ask – what can black America do?

Asking the right questions is what leads to the right answers coming to you.

:::: Let me share one last thing with you. I grew up on G.I. Joe – so they prepared me for all this. Check this out!

Subliminal messages through what people watch on Television?

Say it ain’t so?

— Clearly one of the things that must be overhauled within the Black Community will have to include what we Watch on TV, and what we allow others to Pay us to Do on TV.