oprah protects white men

Oprah Attacks Black Men In Power While Ignoring White Men

Black men in power have always been a ‘threat’ in white society. It appears that white power, is only possible by denying power to other groups. Oprah Winfrey is in controversial waters, as she once again goes after black celebrities, but never white men.

Should Oprah do some docs on her powerful white male friends who have abused women instead of using her platforms, to take down black men only (it seems)? ….

Sure; she should; ‘but’ let’s all keep in mind that those men may have dirt On Oprah.  That is, unfortunately how a lot of that industry works; getting to the top, as these (#meToo) stories even prove, do involve a lot of sleeping around; and who knows who’s got what on camera; #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself #tagGoesHere :: listen, lots of folk don’t even believe in this kinda (conspiracy) stuff…..

That’s entirely ok; this information is for whomever it’s for.

Below is some social commentary on Oprah, as of late …



We live in exciting times though; while all the bad shit is happening, there is always, Opportunity for Good. Right now, more than ever, “Creatives, can Create” — so, do the research, compile the data, and put YOUR Story .. (stories) together about topics “YOU” want to cover!

BE what we all hope Oprah would be :: her path may have just been to ‘inspire’ the rest of us; show us (the downtrodden, black people of America) it Is possible to hold that kinda money; we just wanna get ‘there’ without doing what all she did; without judgment though; I’ve never been in her shoes.

This life thing paints many of us into corners; and whatever it takes to get out; is whatever it takes. Let’s lift our sister up with love; none of us know what’s making her put out these series’ – the evil in that (entertainment) industry been a thing, for sometime though…. She stands as an ‘example’ at this point. We all need to wake up and be aware. Black men in power truly threaten the white ‘establishment’ … being what has been ‘established’ as the Culture; the way of things.   The goal for black people, has to be power that is Independent of Whites – similar to a Russel Simmons who ‘owns’ his success. All awhile being ‘aware’ of how that success, makes fragile white supremacist feel.

oprah attacks black men

Russel Simmons is the latest black man in power, under attack from Oprah. She went after Michael Jackson, and assisted with the take down of R. Kelly. I’m not defending R. Kelly, as many people knew about him, and have been amazed at how long he’s been ‘free’ to roam these streets.  My jury is out on Mike though. I don’t see him doing ‘that’ to those kids.  When it comes to Russel Simmons again, I have no way of ‘knowing’ what goes on, as he too, is from that entertainment world.

He is a black man, in power, and yet, he’s still a black man. We see how the white men have been taking these ‘meToo attacks’ …


The attack on black men in power, led by Oprah and other Agents of the System