making america garbage again

Trump Making America Garbage Again

Making America Garbage Again: One constant from so many people observing all of this, is the ‘shock’ that it is happening. Naturally that ‘shock’ is coming from one demographic, while others are not shocked at all. Too many of us warned the rest of the nation what was happening. Even, Glenn Beck said supporting Trump was a dangerous move. Somehow, he’s come full circle, putting on a “MAGA” hat, in a recent broadcast.

It’s almost a reminder of Kanye West, recently bowing to kiss the ring. There is no reason for anyone to throw support behind Trump other than, fear. I’m not ‘exactly sure’ what these people are afraid of, but that’s all that makes sense, to me. Thankfully, new media outlets, like TheYoungTurks are willing to dig up the receipts. Here is Glenn Beck with the MAGA hat on, and a clip from 2016, denouncing Trump.

Cenk thinks he’s doing this, to make money and that’s a huge possibility.

Fear makes people do, illogical things.

What has Trump ‘really done’ since being in office? So far it would seem his entire administration is hellbent on Reversing everything Obama did. Putting illegal immigrants out of the country is perhaps his only ‘real accomplishment’. It’s also been one of his most controversial. Naturally, all part of his plan in making America garbage again, Trump hit where it hurts most.

If you follow the discussion around Immigration, a huge talking point is ‘no Human being is illegal’.

That is something that most logical thinking people can agree with. So, while talking about MS-13 gang members, and the topic in general, 45 went there. But, doesn’t he always go there?

This has been one of the most embarrassing moments in the History of these, United States. The remarks, which he and his team now say have been taken ‘out of context’ came during the Sanctuary State Roundtable.  This conversation was all about immigration. The violent gang, MS-13 was ‘grouped in’ with the rest of the people who come to this country, illegally. Below is that full conversation.

Whether you agree with people coming to this nation, without going through the ‘legal process’, people are people. Even the people who are involved in violent crimes & lifestyles. When we minimize violent people and the conditions that create them, we miss an opportunity to solve a problem. As human beings, violence is a huge challenge for us. For some reason we feel that our police are allowed to be as violent as they want to be, using fear as their excuse.

But this same nation fails to understand when others also choose violence, using ‘fear’ as their excuse.

These double standards of letting whites do as they please while punishing everyone else, is making America Garbage Again.

It’s back to those old days, that we never ‘truly’ left.

The only thing is, for a while up until now the motives have been disguised, hidden, masked. As the rapper Future would say though, those Masks are now off.  45 says that ‘we want people coming into this nation based on Merit.’  I’m not here to weigh in on who gets into the nation. I do have an issue with referring to people, as less than human. Because I remember how this nation referred to the ancestors of black people as 3/5ths human beings.  (White House Doubles Down on Animals Remarks – Politico)

This excuse was used to treat people, as less than people.

While there may be a real discussion to be had about immigration and who it benefits, or harms, we can have that discussion, respectfully. We told you months ago, and so did so many exactly what Making America Great Again truly meant. It’s been evident, over the months of this administration. They are taking us ‘back’ to the old days.  Every move they make, both home and abroad seems to be setting us up for a war, and more people imprisoned. Instead of making progress, and learning how to rehabilitate people, just more of the same.

This regression will not be good for us, as Glenn Beck initially stated. Sadly, like too many Americans, he’s got no will to stand by any principles. Making america garbage again may make folks like him feel safe. Too bad none of them truly understand what their decisions are costing us all. Hold your loved ones tight, and let people you love know that you love them.

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