dishonest administration allowed to run america

Dishonest Administration: 4,600+ not 64 Dead In Puerto Rico

The dishonest administration strikes once again, leaving me to wonder how many strikes they get? We know that absolutely none of what we have been tolerating from the dishonest administration would have been tolerated under Barack Obama.  Had Hillary Clinton actually won, she’d already be impeached or locked up by now, had any of this happened on her watch.  So why are Americans allowing this dishonest administration to get away with so, much, dishonesty?

It’s truly Tiring …. to be totally honest with you; and that in so many ways, is the goal. We’ve mentioned Hypernormalization on these pages before…while discussing the Fall of America’s Empire.

By now, I am wondering just how many deaf ears that message has fallen upon…

Turns out, the dishonest administration of Donald Trump is more worried about the PR Poll, than an accurate report on the PR Death Toll. They told us only 64 people died, which would have been truly amazing. Hurricane Maria was a record setting storm that clearly did tremendous damage. That was before our dishonest administration chief made it even worse. He chastised the mayor of Puerto Rico, and treated them as entertainment, tossing paper towels to people in need. (Rather than handing them out to people – as if they are worthy of respect. Instead, he wanted to watch people in a life or death scenario fight over supplies….. )

That is who this nation elected in ‘response’ to having a black president

This ‘latest’ report, that far more people died in Puerto Rico than our dishonest administration told us ‘should’ be of no surprise. They lie from top to bottom. Whether it’s Sarah Sanders outright not answering questions, Kelly Ann CON way spinning Alternative Facts. Or Jeff Sessions casually ‘forgetting’ what he’s said under oath, about legal matters. All they do, is lie. Amazing how they get away with it, and how white people ‘continue’ to be shocked every time they do.

It’s 2 years past time for white people to quit pretending to be shocked – and do something.

Your culture is complicit. 

Your ‘way of doing things’ is ineffective.

Change now.

Or else we all are in danger. 

CNN Reports, Hurrican Maria Death Toll MUCH higher than 64 People

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Just how much dishonesty, is this administration going to get away with? Closing this out with commentary, and scientific studies on what all these lies are doing to us as a society. (Read What Trumps Lies Do To Our Brains) We are on our last leg. The question is if we even realize it.