Charles Ramsey Remix Immortalizes Hero

I TOLD you it was coming – The Charles Ramsey Remix Contest Begins

Once again, I’m so Glad this had a Happy Ending –

But WOW – I Knew this was coming when I saw this dude on TV; it’s even worse when I heard his 911 call … hahahahaha

Then, saw the video on Shaq’s Twitter – decided to look up the YouTube version for you all to enjoy, and … backed into this (which includes the 911 call from Charles Ramsey, National Hero!)

lol …. wow, HIS 911 Call is Hilarious – one of the Realest dudes in the World getting his in –

Thanks to Shaq though, this Remix, “Dead Giveaway” is not only funny … but it’s kinda bangin at the same damn time….

Oh and I am sure there will be more to come … this is the shorter version, but we’ll include the Original, thanks to Shaq’s tweet below, in our podcast area.

I gotta agree with Shaq, this one is hilarious … but, I can see this one playin in the club some where too

…. gotta love 2013 …

But really, you gotta love this hero – This is quite a news story, I mean … he was just eating his McDonald’s … they are really getting some FREE ad time out of this one aren’t they? Imagine how much of a coincidence this was – Reports are surfacing that the Police had Numerous Tips over the years, that they Ignored! How much LIGHT does this shine on the reality that our Police spend too much time going after non threats – while Ignoring the Actual Threats posed to our Society – Not a good look for the Cleveland Police right now – as skilled, and as educated and as Professional as they are ………..

Charles Ramsey saved the day.

This is yet another reminder that we have the ability to look out for one another; but it is yet another chance to evaluate just what our “authority figures” are actually doing with all that power we have granted them. I’m sure in the past 10 years a lot of black men have gone to jail for smoking some weed in Cleveland – they were probably posing no threat or harm to anyone; while these 3 women were having who knows what done to them by 3 Monsters for 10, Long Years.

Then you start to hear the reports of how THOUSANDS of women go missing every single year ………. but our Police Force wants to go after the Weed Smokers.

I don’t wanna suggest that Charles Ramsey takes a toke err’ now and then BUT………. it wouldn’t shock me if he did.

While I am not seeking to turn this into a pro-legalization of pot conversation, what I am suggesting is that our Police Force has been trained to do everything OTHER than Protect … and Serve. When calls are coming in from the Citizens In the community, to “shuck it off” like they’re to be Ignored, is NOT to Serve. When you read the reports of how the Police Had actually BEEN To the man’s home several times – but they found nothing?

Did they even look?

Surely more to come from this one, and I don’t just mean Remixes – let’s all stay tuned to see what unfolds next – meanwhile if anyone is IN the area and has some comments on your Local Police Department, we want to allow you to feel free to share those thoughts – here.

Meanwhile, let’s continue to salute the REAL Heroes that are among us; the ones who often go Unnoticed, when the story isn’t as BIG as this one. They are absolutely everywhere.

That’s reassuring, at the least.