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The Fall of America’s Empire

(“The Fall of America’s Empire” – original opening wrote 1/12/2017) No one likes to face the reality that all things come to an end. Some day this nation will as well. Our problem, as Americans is we talk like previous Empires never fell. They all fall. We may be witnessing it right now, even though no one really wants to go there. BUT the New World Order has been preparing it’s Empire to take the Reins for at least 20 years….

While most of you called anyone talking about the NWO Crazy; because you believed this Empire would never fall ….

and we’ve done nothing to stop it from falling; we’ve refused to work to make it a better and more stable empire; we’ve refused to ensure that everyone gets a fair piece of it; and we are slowly headed back to what ‘the people of the earth’ had before; The rule of a few, over the many.

Update – 3/30/2017 – Let’s go into HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis. This is a long film and so if you decide to take your time that’s fine. However, many of us have watched movies this long before and so if ‘right now’ is just a bad time, I understand.  Just don’t let ‘it’s too long’ be your reason to not watch this important film, as it does concern the Fall of America’s Empire.

Nothing happens by accident in a society as complex, and as wealthy as this one.  Evil forces have been manipulating mankind for centuries. They’ve told us all sorts of lies to support a case for Manifest Destiny. I usually think about the ‘origins of America’ through the lens of my experience. I tend to think more of America’s original sins. I’m the descendant of people who, as far as I can tell came here, or were brought here (indigenous black Americans). At some point my ancestors were enslaved, and owned by people who had decided they were not human. They were treated as property, quite literally, again from what I can decipher. As records concerning black people were not kept. Black people were ‘inventory’, and often were written down as numbers, and gender descriptions.

No Names written down. Traces of their presence erased, Evidence tampered with, covered up or non existent. When an Empire is built upon this kind of foundation, it is bound to fall apart.

That doesn’t mean that a new Empire isn’t rising in it’s place.

People like to say that these things are ‘orchestrated’, and it’s true. Just like an orchestra, there are entire groups of people working toward goals that the ‘rest of mankind’ finds out about later. Just as Adam Curtis does, so brilliantly, he draws us in close and explains it to us simply.  Some people may be familiar with his other works, like “The Century Of The Self”, which is a 4 hour documentary. He doesn’t shy away from discussing how the emperors seek to rule over others.  In HyperNormalisation we find ourselves diving into the ‘fake world’ they have ‘created’ for us. Curtis shows us, that they have carefully created a bridge to move into a new time, where they remain ‘in power’ over the rest of humanity.

All forms of ‘manipulation’ may be used. One of our authors here at SoPoCo, ED sent me this one, for example.

The Fall of America’s Empire is being carried out by people who have, basically been using American people as lab rats. That’s not the kind of ‘news’ that I really want to break to people. However, I’m not the only person breaking this news. We have to be prepared for what our collective ignorance may bring us. Even though most people in society will call all of these topics ‘crazy’, the evidence is there for those willing to look.

You just may find out that, both the Rise, and the Fall of America is ‘being’ orchestrated by the same band (orchestra).

Orchestra following Conductor
The rise and fall of America is being orchestrated by the same ‘band’

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