Americans need Education

Americans Need Education To Stop Covid19

Americans Need Education to stop covid19. Conspiracy theories are real; but unfortunately not ‘everybody’ knows what they are talking about, when it comes to these …

Discernment matters So much right now.

I encourage you all to get EDUCATED about this; the more EDUCATED we become the faster we can FIGHT This and Win.

GO HERE today; spend 40 minutes on this; Trust me it’s worth it; Understanding HOW THIS SPREADS is key.

…. Try not to get ‘hung up’ in the conspiracy theory distractions; or the Uninformed Opinions of others; This is Not the flu; from what I can see so far, 5g did Not create this; PEOPLE Eating every mf thing on Earth is the cause :: as MOST experts said from Jump.

Covid19 lives in Bats; what ‘most likely’ happened is a Snake, ate a bat; and THEN a PERSON at a Snake, that ate said Bat; In this process the virus ‘mutated’ 2 times; and that’s why we have this NEW virus mankind has not seen before.

Americans have not lived through Pandemics; But … People in Asian territories have; Therefore, THEY are much more EDUCATED on these matters then WE are.  Americans need education to stop covid19.

We laughed at them for wearing masks; but it turns out, it’s one of the smartest things we can do; along with Basic sh*t people act like isn’t important; but is; Like .. .Covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze — (wearing a mask also prevents you from coughing/sneezing on others) — NOT wiping your NOSE with your Hand (then infecting surfaces around you; or others) — WASHING our hands (the super basic lesson they share in America; where they keep us “dumb” – and we, help them by NOT educating ourselves… … in other words the news should be saying the sh*t this Doctor from Korea is explaining; but all they’re saying, mostly, is to wash our hands; Wear GLOVES too; Def. bleach down surfaces …

WE can beat this and get ‘back’ to some portion of our lives; but make no mistake; OUR LIVES ARE FOREVER CHANGED: things will NOT RETURN TO how they USED To be; NOT at ‘least’ for 3-5 years; Realistically; Until this sh*t is OUT of circulation; which again, experts will tell you – is gonna take some time. I ‘personally’ am not into vaccines; most have side effects; so we do have to be careful there; We also DO need to make sure our Immune systems are functioning;

Also; DISCERN; just b/c someone has a TON of followers does not mean their Opinions are Educated;

Too many of us make that mistake here in the USA – we listen to the wrong people; Including our moronic president; He is a fool; and he chose fools for his administration; none of them deserve their positions; it’s Nepotism on Fire :: and so I want to encourage you to listen to the LEAD Doctor in Korea.

Korea has one of the lowest number of infections, and deaths in the world right now; Their response has been praised by many; and when you hear this doctor break down “HOW This spreads” you will understand, immediately how to protect yourself and your family “should” you venture outside; you’ll understand why CHURCHES and BARS need to remain closed for a while; we have to Lower the amount of carriers and spreaders;

ALSO :: Ignore people who say once you get it you can’t get it again; that’s absolutely false; It’s not the flu, but ‘like’ the flu you absolutely CAN Catch Covid19 more than once; due to how it spreads; and due to Scientists having no REAL Treatment for it; ‘yet’ — many have said (Including Dr. Fauci) it may take up to 18 months, at the earliest, to find a cure;

So …. again … Stop listening to uninformed people; including our moron president, who think things will be ‘back to normal’ by Easter; 2020 a wrap :: for the most part; Hate to break that to you but … “Real Leaders Tell the truth” ….. regardless of how it sounds; and Frankly, had most people got they ass inside 3 weeks ago, We’d probably be CLOSER to isolating the virus by July; But y’all were hard headed, wanted to debate, wanted to insert your opinions, wanted to do your own thing, and many of you have kept this in circulation longer than it needed to be.

We all gotta take responsibility at this time; as well as going forward; if you’re NOT listening to actual Doctors and Nurses talk about this; You’re NOT listening to ‘experts’ ……… and all those opinions need to go directly into the trash.

Side convos about martial law; are unrelated to beating this virus; but YES; evil mfs run our world; and they’d love to take advantage of a situation like this to bring bout NEW laws, restrict our movements, and so on; and usually they wait for US to fall into the traps THEY set; China was shutting down Cities in February; and that should’ve been YOUR clue; if WE shut down ‘they’ can’t shut us down; but if WE refuse; we pose a ‘threat to humanity’ and that will Force them to act; then they’ll have ‘cover’ for their actions; Stop letting them win, by doing foolish sh*t …. Get educated; Educate others.

… on 5g; i’ll just say this; again from what I’ve seen – not the cause; who knows if it causes other issues;

I still have to research that; BUT two people I know very well BOTH work installing 5g; and have for over 10 years; THEY are just fine; so are their families; I have reviewed info on the ‘bill’ that was passed; on ‘birds’ that died near 5g Towers; and I promise you; this Virus ain’t got sh*t to do with any of that; This came from PEOPLE eating weird sh*t — AND The fact that we NOW live in a world that is MUCH more global; So it’s easier for a virus to LEAVE China and infect the world, than it was 20 years ago.

Sprinkle in Hard headed mfs who think they know more than experts; a common problem in our nation; people with ego who are too proud to admit they do not have all the answers (sway) — > and BOOM … a mf global pandemic that interrupts our economy and our lives; let’s smarten up; and push others to do the same; So we can get through this better than we went in!

Thank you for attending my TedTalk on :: #Management

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