Bring Discussion back

Bring Back Discussion To America

Discussion is a long lost art. It’s time we bring discussion back to America.

Today we live in a nation that is divided on issues that could easily be discussed.

These discussions may not always lead to a Conclusion, or to Agreement, but we have an opportunity to be Mature – and respect the opinions of others.

Today’s society is an immature one. If I feel one way about gay marriage, and you feel another way – it’s likely you’ll start to Insult my Intellect.

That’s the world we’re in right now.  If I have liberal views, and you have conservative views, it’s likely you’ll sit around and call me a bunch of names, rather than sit down and have a discussion with me, about why I feel how I feel. Most likely you’ll tell me how you feel – and why anyone who does not feel the way you do is a Moron.

This kind of approach is childish and too many adults are using it in their lives.

The ideas each of us have are usually based on our experiences and perceptions of the world.

So rather than insult someone for their ideas, find out about their experiences – and learn how they perceive things first.  Hold a discussion about it. Allow them to talk, to explain, and take the time to listen. You may learn something you did not know before.

Perhaps this is why the leaders of our society do not want us to discuss things – they like to keep the masses ignorant and uninformed.

If you open yourself up to the ideas of others, its dangerous – They may influence you in a different way from those who are leading our society – they won’t like that very much.

You are a valued consumer –  THEY NEED YOU BUYING THEIR BULLSHIT – They literally cannot afford for you to Wake UP – and respect your fellow human being.

We do not have to AGREE, to RESPECT one another.

We simply, need to agree to respect one another.

Thank you for helping to Bring Back Discussion to America

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