we must change our entire society : Tax the rich; tax billionaires

Taxing Billionaires: Change Our Entire Society

We have to fundamentally change our Entire society; this includes our “ideas” about what society ‘should’ be — I’m not all the way sure if our society Understands or Accepts this yet.

We are the majority; ‘but’ we continue to allow the FEW to control the Many; Listen; if I was a billionaire, I’d actually be Ok with being taxed at 40% ………. ‘so long as’ my taxes go to Improving the Bottom of society.

Improving schools; making business loans available for minorities; especially funds set aside FOR black people only; just as several loans are set aside for other racial groups; only; Make sure all kids have tablets to access lessons from their schools; improving school systems to teach ‘at home’ –

Because if we took better care of the ‘bottom of society’ – the TOP would STILL benefit – as there would be even more consumers with more disposable income ready to go ‘back’ into the pockets of the Rich; the way we approach this matter, as a society is foolish.

But I’m not sure if we have learned this lesson yet. We must change our Entire society.

This discussion from Michael Moore and Bill Maher, is mostly about getting Trump out of office. Conservative thinking has to take the backseat if we ever want America to be great. Too much of their ideology is about keeping the rich, richer. They’re the main ones pushing ideas that keep the poor, poor.

All the ironic, hypocritical crying they did over the economy taking a hit, because a global pandemic is underfoot, proves they’re not Very intelligent.

These folks are controlled, entirely by their emotions.

Emotions like hate, jealousy and envy, which in Jedi, all lead to the dark side. It’s feeding the wrong ‘animal’, to get one outcome but instead, brings about the opposite. Instead of a great nation, we have great levels of inequality. We’re not building stability, but instability if it’s not obvious. Closed mindedness has no place in this current time. We must learn from what we have, and are still going through, or these lessons will continue to get more difficult.

The odds of overcoming the problems we have created, if we do not change our entire society, will diminish in our favor. We have a chance to make our world better, or be the reason it all falls apart. My only question is if we understand this yet. Trust me, the billionaires will be just fine. $600 Million is still a shit load of money. Plus if we took better care of people, there would be far more Millionaires and Billionaires.

The people arguing ‘against’ these ideas, have to be tuned out.

To change our entire society, more people have to understand that it’s more than ok, to ask for Billionaires to put money ‘back’ into the system.  Plus, there is an ‘educational gap’ where far too many citizens, are unaware of just how ‘little’ the rich are paying ‘back’ into the system.

Again, the most ironic part of it all, is if they put more back in, they really would get more out of it. Our approach to society building, is cruel and unusual.

This is evil … it’s not ‘good’.