Coming 2 America Spoiler Review: A Worthy Sequel

Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, worthy sequel, Coming 2 America

Our Spoiler Filled Review of Coming 2 America, a worthy sequel. Please do not read this if you have not seen the movie, which is available on Amazon Prime.  Off top, I loved it. I do tell folks from time to time that Coming to America is my favorite movie of all time. Crazy to think about it now, but I was 13 years old when that came out … it’s had a profound impact on my entire life ….

I was talking with my cousin about it – and I ‘might’ break code here, since there is still a good chance this post will be too long for people to read –> but I don’t like to explain ‘why’ it’s my favorite movie; because I find when you tell people your reasons they get fake real fast; here I go 🙂 ::: The reason I love the first movie has nothing to do with all the jokes; the jokes are hilarious; but – the message always hit me; The desire to find a woman who loves you for who YOU are, and not what you Have …. Big reason I’m still single in my 40’s … to this day, I have never found that kind of woman. A Queen to be 🙂

Coming 2 America's Queen with King Akeem

So – I was a little worried about them making a sequel; I was – even when I heard it dropped a day early, I waited till Friday – I was NOT disappointed at all!!! I loved seeing some twists on the original film; loved the flashback scenes of original footage, and even liked how they de-aged for a few new clips!

James Earl Jones was hilarious for wanting to have his funeral while he was alive still; great touch having Morgan Freeman show up to M.C. –> these are two of the greatest Black actors of ALL Time —

Wesley Snipes did his thing! (lending to why this is a worthy sequel)

I was wondering just how he fit into this film, but when they said he was ole girl’s sister .. it all made sense; That’s exactly how a brother would act, if his sister was still ‘barking like a dog’ 30 years later …

I also loved how her niece had the same ‘training’ it appears; shows they have a strong culture. There is something about, showing how ‘traditions are passed down’, at play early into this film. Before I get into that, let me just say that Teyona Taylor looked GREAT!! 🙂

I did get a sense Lavelle, (son of King Akeem) would fall for his barber … the ‘son’ had some real big shoes to fill; starting with having to follow Eddie Murphy. People complaining about this film, tend to compare him to Eddie, when he made the original. That’s a crazy bar to hold any comedian to.  I happened to be a more realistic viewer, and enjoyed his performance, in this role.

Princess To Be, Coming 2 America

It’s beyond impossible to match the energy of the original film; but still connected with the story they set up for him.  The ‘grandson’ of Duke  & Duke, was a great touch. Played by Colin Jost (from SNL), as a racist, privileged white guy in an interview with Lavelle. It was on point. You had a black man not wanting a hand out, which is definitely relatable; wanting to prove himself, make something of himself, but not having the kind of assistance others have… it is a common goal for a lot of us.

As is, still not being where you’d like to be by 30 ….

I thought his moms was hilarious as usual, Leslie Jones got jokes! Someone in a review said they’re tired of her being ‘man hungry’ but I didn’t get that in this film.  She only had One son, from One encounter 30 years ago — > doesn’t seem like she was looking for a man when she got to Zamunda. Leslie was just trying to enjoy herself as much as she could; which she certainly was. (a joy to watch!)

It was good to see Tracey Morgan looking more like his old self; I Loved him and Arsenio getting into it.

Also loved that Lavelle went and got his Uncle. Like he said, with no father in his life, the Uncle stepped in; a Very African American story –> real relatable.  I loved the sense of loyalty to the family he ‘knows’ – while trying to accept his newly found family.

Really enjoyed how they set up the anger the Daughters would have, naturally, at being Next in Line, but having sexism trump their dreams. I’m sure that was relatable for a lot of women who saw this movie.

The big sister, Meeka (Kiki Layne) had very Understandable anger.  Yet I also liked how she eventually put that aside, to help her brother; Not either of their faults, how they came into the world; no need to have beef with each other.  Meeka, having trained her entire life is thrown a sudden curve. She is as wise as her grandmother, and uses grace to re-position herself, for what was rightfully hers.

I loved watching them work together.

Meeka helps Lavelle, Coming 2 America

There are so many positive messages like that in this film.  Yes, it’s a comedy, so there’s also some outrageous shit too. But the positive messages are plentiful, even down to the “Baby Mama” forging a positive relationship with The Queen.

Reprised by Shari Headly, she’s the Queen  from Queens; so she was ready for that attitude Leslie brought; but, again, I was glad to see they ended up being friends; #message :: Even loved how the daughters took down Wesley later on into the film;

He strolled in, thinking he was about to run over these women just because they were women;

General Izzy  learned on that day.

The ending was great to me too; Eddie realizing, after being PUT in check by HIS Queen, Lisa … that he had to step up to the plate and lead.

Times were changing, and he needed to lead the charge! Deciding that his son would be better suited as an ambassador since he literally knows nothing about Zamunda. Regardless of their ‘traditions’, it really wouldn’t make any sense, whatsoever, to have him ‘in line’ for the throne…

It only made sense for him to change the laws so his daughter could take her rightful position as Queen to be, some day.

– It was lowkey moving.

— > Sorry not sorry, but any black folks you see hating on this film, are most likely, Toms. Super enjoyed it; Definetely not AS funny as the original, but what can top that?? Another great ‘story’ however, several great messages. I hope tons of ‘us’ (black people) get to see this. Mostly I hope they are able to go into it, without the expectations of the original, or the bias criticism from people who aren’t even funny themselves. (people who don’t know what funny is, got platforms now … ) The pandemic robbed us of the opportunity to see this IN a Theater. I bet a lot of these jokes would’ve gotten some LOUD Laughs.  That would silence a lot of these silly critics online with their bias reviews; as many seem to have an agenda.

Always the same ole same we are dealing with in America. Too many people who hate to see positive images of black people on their television sets.

A worthy sequel, Coming 2 America Barbershop

All the more reason to defy ‘their’ expectations.