Power in Politics Needs Economics

No Power In Politics without Economics For Black People

Power in politics is impossible without economics, the two go hand in hand. In order for black people to truly participate in the American System they must get caught up economically. This is a platform that Dr. Claud Anderson has stood on for several years now. Warning that black people would become a permanent underclass by the year 2013 if they didn’t wake up. He feels that black people are not practicing group economics, and won’t start businesses. Is he right about all of that?

Is Power in politics possible without Economic power?

“The United States Supreme Court has never ruled in favor of black people due to the Dred Scott Case Decision”.  Delving into political strategies like Benign Neglect which is a purposeful way of allowing a situation to worsen, to favor someone else. Birthed out of the founding belief that blacks have no rights that this nation must respect, ignoring responsibility is the American way. That is especially true when it comes to black people. So much of what happens in politics however, is dictated by money.

So it is no coincidence that this system has worked the hardest to shut black people out of economic progress.

As Dr. Claud speaks on, all the time, far too many people work to keep the ‘focus’ off of black people. Instead, the focus is always on everybody. Rather than seek to help black people, this society and this nation creates ‘other groups’ to help out, like Hispanics, Gays, Women, the Disabled, etc. Now, the fight is always for ‘other groups’ who are also minorities. They make sure that nothing is ever specifically targeted to black people, a group who has never been given their just due.

“Black people were the engines that drove society around the world” – Dr Claud Anderson

Professor Michelle Alexander does an excellent job in discussing the history of black people in America. In her groundbreaking work, Mass Incarceration: The New Jim Crow, she explains in detail how black people were never truly free’d from slavery. White people in general love to say that slavery ended 200 years ago (when really it was around 149 years… semantics … granted) – but what they ignore is Jim Crow. Yes, white people did not own slaves but they allowed Jim Crow laws to exist for another 100 years after slavery.

Jim Crow, alongside an Industrial Prison Complex all helped keep the conditions that Slavery birthed fully in place.

Those conditions are economic inequality. This is exactly why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. turned from Civil Rights, to the Poor People’s Campaign. America has purposely avoided their responsibility to fix the economic inequality that was set up from the beginning.  Black people have been left to fix their own problems, that they did not create.

That is what I love about Dr. Claud Anderson, he lays out a solution for black people.

  1. It starts with the Foundation – Economics.
  2. The Second “Floor” of your house is Politics.
  3. The Third Floor is The Police & Court System
  4. On the Fourth Floor is MEDIA – Newspapers, TV & Radio Stations
  5. Finally the Fifth floor is Education – For black people by black people

Make sure you listen to the interview for his ‘reasons’ behind approaching these solutions In that order. It makes sense, and also puts all arguments to rest. There can be no power in politics without solving the economics. It is the foundation of all problems black people are facing. That obstacle was put in place from the beginning and this society worked hard to maintain this disparity. Black people have to work even harder to counter those efforts by focusing on economics. Spread the word!

This was an excellent interview on the Kathleen Wells show in 2015. So much of it is still relevant today. Some of what she speaks about we have also recently addressed here on SoPoCo:

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