MLK in DC after Jan 6th

Maintain The Advantage of White Supremacy

In order to maintain the advantage, white ‘supremacy’ derives its white ‘power’ from numbers. It really is that simple. The reason America was able to enslave, oppress, and harm black life for as long as it has, comes down to that. There have always been more white people, who are more than okay with it. When those white people are the majority, unfairness and inequality in America goes up! This reality, helped create what we saw on January 6th, 2021 – and I do not believe we are quite finished yet.


criming while white thug in DC on Jan 6th stealing podium

Above: A white Thug invades Capital Building, Steals Nancy Pelosi’s Podium, and lives to go to jail – we stay tuned to see if he is punished for this crime (while white)

White Supremacy.
White Power.

America … the very foundation of this company, is rooted in thee – the very fact, that America has continue to ‘share’ herself, with NON white people, has angered and upset those who believe, practice, and preach … White Supremacy & White Power.

Oh, it’s such a problem – always has been; and at no point in our history have we taken it seriously; we always tell blacks to ‘get over it’ – and make excuses for why it’s ok for police officers to murder blacks; to lock blacks up – for legal systems to give blacks longer sentences, for the same crimes as white counterparts.

America pretends it is better than she is – pretends it is better than other nations around the world; Just as barbaric, but simply, not populated with nearly as many people.

You see, America, like white supremacy, gains its power through Numbers — with over 330 Million people in the USA – we have more people than MOST nations in the entire world; We play bully ball … and of course, when I say “we” … I mean that, figuratively.

As a black man, I and others like me, regardless of how others like me ‘might’ feel about the situation; WE have little say in the decisions of America; WE are … ‘minorities’ in number and largely this is why WHITE police murder us, jail us, white legal systems sentence us, parole us, probation us — white Jobs Oppress Us, Harass us; Discount us, Underpay us; as White Neighborhoods RAISE prices so that we cannot afford to MOVE into THEIR ‘safe spaces’ — while they ‘allow’ the places WE live in, to be cluttered with trash, dirt, and harm —> all so THEY can maintain, The Advantage.

Oh yes, of course; so many white people need their feelings coddled; so the obligatory ‘not all white people’ disclaimer goes here; as yes, not all white people are ‘like this’ – many just want to live life, love, and be at peace. But sadly, the good white people, who don’t want the Unfair advantage ‘pale’ in comparison to the Majority – as this, is, a Numbers … Game.

White Supremacy is about White Numerology …
White POWER is about having a Silent White Majority … to Maintain the Advantage

—> but, this keeps America ‘at war’ — both outwardly and within; and just how long can that go on? at some point, ‘white’ people in America are going to have to do more than ‘just go along with it’ –> gotta stamp it out; gotta create a ‘new’ society; one that actually seeks to live up to the ‘dream’ of America; because that’s all ‘she’ really is; Asleep … dreaming; envisioning herself as some ‘beacon of freedom’, when the reality is – this nation Enslaves people; in several ways; and anytime the status quo is upset, the enslavers use fear and terrorism to reset the game; and maintain their advantage ….

America the Beautiful, is the dream.
The reality, America the Bully … is what it is.

… In order to maintain their advantage, White Thugs stormed the Capital on January 6th. 5 people died on that day, while thousands of white people were allowed to go home. Below are some of the images from that day, (stop the steal) captured by Saul Loeb.

Embed from Getty Images

Naturally, the irony of a rally themed stop the steal, followed by thousands of racist white supremacists seeking to … steal the election from the ‘people’ of America is not lost on me. Been doing the best possible to frame this discussion, here at SoPoCo. Our latest writing season has begun, but feel free to look back on other, related posts.

As ‘today’ is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday … I want to leave you with this message, from Dr. King. The Three Evils of Society. (Those three being War, Racism & Poverty) His warnings, on how racism will destroy America continue to ring true, to this day.  America better enjoy itself while it can.

One year Later: Most of the white people who stormed the capital are still free. Federal officials feel there were only around 2,000 people there. Our eyes saw at least 5,000 if not more.