People Don't Care How It Works So Long As it Works

People Learning How It Works Matters So Much Right Now

The Facebook Hearing seems to be mostly about explaining how it works to the law makers of the land.  It’s the second day of Testimony for Mark Zuckerberg in Washington D.C.. Today I saw a post on Facebook from Propublica, about how some of their research came up during these two days. The work they referenced was to how facebook allows advertisers to exclude who they market to by race.  We just wrote about whether or not it is even Facebook’s responsibility to keep User Privacy safe. A lot of topics are coming out due to the last couple of days, like this one.

In My Opinion — There’s really nothing wrong with this; it’s target Marketing.

This is how a company that wanted to push fake news stories about black lives matter, could Focus on making sure Only “whites” who’ve said “i hate BLM” or “what’s this BLM stuff?” and even “it should be All lives not just black lives!” Then, specifically Target Those users with Ads that they are Likely to click on because they already have those views.

It allows companies marketing to Laker fans, or basketball fans in general to find out who those users are; (or show their ads to those users only I should say)

They do the same with our internet cookies (in general) and as of late, they use our phones and computers to literally spy on our conversations; and all that ‘data’ is used by these companies to figure out who is going to be the ‘audience’ for their message. —-

We are in the Information Age; and Information is Power.

A lot of the ‘data collection’ began with the Patriot Act; after 9/11 — this is why when people suggest that perhaps it was an Inside job; it’s because of all the ‘liberties’ that have gone away from American people since then. Privacy, spying on People ‘for protection’ from terrorism and all the additional Security at Airports; (which is a whole ‘nother discussion; as data is also collected there; where you are traveling; who you are with, what you had on you in your suitcase, the kind of suitcase it was; what you wore; what you ate, or bought at the store; while on vacation; We are literally being tracked, all the time; and have been for some time now; 9/11 changed the game…. ushered in this ‘new’ era alongside the Information Age; and since information is Power; these chess moves had to happen to bring us here.)

(From 2015  – John Oliver on Government Surveillance Programs, from HBO’s Last Week Tonight.)

Perhaps these hearings weren’t a waste of time afterall; it may just wake people up to everything that has been going on, for quite some time now.

A favorite ‘quote’ of mine, from #TheMatrixReloaded (part 2) is from Counselor Haman; while talking to Neo on the “engineering level” of Zion. They were looking at the Machines the city depends on; while remarking at the irony of Machines coming to Kill them all :::: and he admitted he had no Idea how the Machines keeping Zion running work; Then said “That’s the problem with people. No one cares how it works, just so long as it works.” ……….

Do you not see why this is my favorite Movie Trilogy of all time?

How true is that? How many of you REALLY Cared about facebook and how it works before the news broke that your information is being Sold to 3rd parties?

I know from firsthand experience that most do not care; and that’s actually how it goes, with everything. I do wonder sometimes, what kind of society we would be, if more people DID care about ‘how’ things work. What if people took Real genuine interest and even got involved in making sure things work the way they are Supposed to work?

(another favorite quote :: Evil prospers because the Good Do Nothing) — if only MORE people gave a damn, when it mattered instead of waiting until it was too late….

Finally coming back to this point of Excluding People along lines of race….

Newsflash ::: that is Business. Been Business since ………. (literally, how it works)

how it works (

Dr. Claud Anderson always says that Black people are the only people who do not practice ‘real’ racism; that other groups Do; and it’s not ‘wrong’ – technically; because ‘real’ racism is NOT about how people FEEL about you; How we FEEL does not matter; it’s about what RESOURCES you Own and Control;

With that POWER now you can ‘act on those feelings’ — and this is why black people cannot be racist;

  1. We don’t have any Resources WE own and Control; we still are depending on White society; for everything. (we even use their facebook; rather than find a black owned and created social network) —
  2. We do not practice GROUP economics; which is what other races do; They Target THEIR OWN people; Do BUSINESS with their OWN people; and get SUPPORT from one another; ‘in general’ of course; Once they get their OWN selves solid, financially stable, supported, “THEN” other races who are ‘also’ stable’ come and Trade, and Interact with those communities — again; MOST races of people do this; where as Blacks had this ‘habit’ broken during slavery; and reinforced throughout Jim Crow; and that is what we have to work to rebuild; (Relearning how it works is not an easy task) ….

When we approach business a lot of us want to do business with everybody; (nothing wrong with that wish/desire).  But realistically everyone does not want to do business with black people; (Just a fact; again nothing really wrong with it;)

From time to time you’ll find those who’ve done well enough have circulated their dollar inside their own community enough; to where they can fit a few ‘side projects and people’ into their circle; oftentimes people at that level, truly don’t give a damn about race; as they’re so financially stable (from the foundation) that only Green Matters now; sadly a lot of ‘us’ are just not there — Yet;

SOME Of us ‘get there’ and think being there alone is enough. But without the Foundation (the rest of your people/community) there is nothing to ‘fall back on’ when others decide they want to focus on Their people/community and put you on the backburner; Which is what happens to black people politically, due to no economic foundation (or power).

When it comes to ‘actual’ racism, that is how it works.